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I’m back with part two of our weekend trip to Chicago at the end of June (you can find part 1 here) –
While I’m not the biggest fan of traveling on Sundays, given its our family/church day, I managed to plan our Chicago adventures so that come Sunday our agenda was mostly the noncommercial things on our list (other than, you know, eating out). It consisted of a lot of parks, walks, churches, and food šŸ™‚
Lots more pictures and adventures from our Sunday in the city after the jump (and my go to ‘hot-day-summer-travel’ outfit)


We started the morning with breakfast right by Millenium park (well, second breakfast actually – because once I woke up I sent Ben on a bagel run – pregnancy problems) and then strolled through the park and across to the Art Institute. We hadn’t seen the bean during the day yet and it was nice to just enjoy the park (and the respite from the heat in the Art Institute). It turns out there was also a big gay pride parade of some sort later that day which made for a lot of very bizarely dressed individuals all over the streets (nearly naked to rainbow tutus) that morning.
After a liesurely breakfast and park stroll, we headed back to change, pack up our stuff, and check out of our hotel. They kindly held our bags so we could enjoy a little more of the city before heading back.


^^I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of the hotel – but I loved the decor in the lobby/lounge area
After check-out I’d planned on taking the train to the closest LDS church but we were running a little later than planned and so grabbed a taxi. We got there just before the service started and were surprised to find them meeting in an old academy building (sacrament meeting was held in the auditorium with the bishopric and speakers seated on the stage!). Despite no airconditioning, it was such a wonderful reminder that the church is the same wherever you go (as much as I say I don’t like traveling on Sundays, I really do love getting the chance to go to different LDS congregations for this reminder when we travel).
After a little spiritual feast we headed to the Signature Room at the Hancock Tower to nourish our bodies šŸ˜‰ Instead of paying the $20 to go to the skydeck at the Willis Tower (the tallest building in Chicago) and take a picture, I prefer to pay $20 for a delicious lunch on the 95th floor of the Hancock tower. Both ways you get amazing views, but one comes with a delicious lunch.
It turns out on Sundays they only serve brunch in the restaurant (a fixed price menu a little out of our budget) so we headed up to the lounge on the 96th floor and ordered from the bar’s lunch/appetizer menu while still enjoying the gorgeous view.


^^If you do opt for the lounge instead of the restaurant they do require that you purchase at least one drink per guest (although we didn’t have to because we ordered food) – the non alcoholic drinks ran from $5 – $8 which would be an ever cheaper way to get the view.


^It is amazing how far you can see from this place! Also, make use of the women’s restroom (the men’s doesn’t have windows, sorry) because the view is also phenomenal. I spent a good amount of time in there thinking I was about to lose my delicious lunch (Sunday was a little harder of a day than Saturday) and was grateful for the beautiful view while I breathed throw the nausea.
Also, bless the concerned woman who asked if I was okay and then offered congratulations. Kind strangers make all the difference sometimes.Ā 


^From different sides of the restaurant you can get great city or lake views


^A quick shot of the restaurant downstairs from the lounge (just to give you an idea)


^We weren’t quite ready to say goodbye just yet so we split pieces of cheesecake in the basement of the Hancock building (Cheesecake Factory). Some of my favorite parts of the weekend were just relaxing and talking with these guys — it was great not to be running from place to place and just enjoying each others company. Given that the trip was just as much to see them as it was to see Chicago, I think or balance of activities and good food/conversation was the perfect mix.


^^We found this beautiful old church across the street from the Hancock Tower and snapped a few pictures before we cabbed back to cars


^^I accidentally switched the settings before handing Nick the camera to snap some pictures of Ben and me but even though the lighting isn’t the best, this is one of my very favorite shots from the weekend. Ben’s always been great at taking care of me but I have been so grateful with how thoughtful, concerned, and understanding he’s been through the past month or so of pregnancy. Morning sickness may not make for the most fun wife, but it doest make for an angelic husband.



^^This maxi dress from last summer is my go-to for any hot summer traveling (I wore it our Sunday in DC too). It feels like wearing pajamas, it minimizes layers, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it looks put together all on its own. Because I knew we’d be eating inside and I always freeze in restaurants, I brought along this little jacket as well and I love the mustard with the deep blue.



^^How cute are the scalloped and lace details on this?
Thanks Nick and Brittany for such fun company in Chicago! We can’t wait for our next trip šŸ™‚


I’ll have a quick post with our traveling tips/ must-sees/eats in Chicago later this week because it was too much to get it all in these past two posts. Ben and I spent a few hours looking at all the locations of the new company he’ll be working for and were happy to see so many options in Chicago šŸ™‚
dress: Gap last summer (loving this striped this solid right now)
jacket: c/o OASAP (in 3 other colors here)


  1. I actually live in Chicago so it was so fun to see the familiar sights through a fresh pair of eyes. You take gorgeous pictures- I loved the shots of the buildings! And next time you come you should email me- if you guys like just relaxing and eating during your Sundays I can recommend a lot of tasty restaurants that are kind of well kept secrets in the city šŸ˜‰

    xo marlen
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