Chicago: Jetsetting at its finest.

I hadn’t been to Chicago since I was ten maybe? And at age ten in that city the highlight is only ever the American Girl Store. This time, there were plenty of other must sees on my list. 
I was headed out for a Model United Nations Conference but flew out a few days earlier. Kate visited Utah last March and it was my turn to see her home for the past four years. We spent the evening and first morning in the town of Evanston (Northwestern University) and took the train into the city for the evening. 
Have you ever been to Chicago? If not, its a must. I fell in love with the city. The architecture is varied and aesthetic while the size is so much more manageable than New York. It reminded me of Boston, without the New England charm.  
Chicago Day 1: A Photo Journal

the view from the train station

the perfect little creperie (only dessert crepes pictured – the coq au vin was delicious too) 

a morning stroll to the Bahai temple

and we were off to the city 

the perfect late afternoon meal of fine cheese and baguettes

see the Jeoffrey ballet studios? I might have stared at them for five minutes straight. dancing there would be a dream
skyline from the bean

we tried three macaroon places the first day in Chicago. win. 

Have you ever been to Chicago?
What is your favorite US City?


  1. I love the pictures! They are too cute & adorable. My favorite one is where you all are on the outside skating ring! I love them open doors..

  2. I do love Chicago!! Definitely need to make a trip back soon. But San Francisco is still top of my list for favorite cities!

  3. Looks like a blast! My husband and I are planning on going in May, his parents don't live too far from there. I can't wait!

  4. I went to Chicago on a youth trip in high school. The only thing I really remember from that trip was going to the top of the Sears Tower and looking out. I really want to go back! It looks like you had a great time!

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