California Beach Day throwback

I found this set of pictures I never shared from our trip out to visit Ben’s parents the summer before business school. Adelaide turned one on this trip …ONE! Were they ever this little? I see these pictures and I want to jump back in time and soak up this beach day with them. I want to experience those tiny personalities blossoming and hear their little voices. 

But also, I took three kids to the beach by myself last week and it was low -key, just meeting a friend for an hour or two. The Elisabeth in these pictures could not imagine that. Little kids at the beach by myself? No other helping hands? Just for an hour? Squished in between two other activities? 

I am amazed at how much children grow and change… but I am also amazed at how much mothers grow and change. My capacity has increased so much since those early years (hmmm…and also two kids under two is just a lot crazier than I realized until I was out of the thick of it). 

Happy almost Mothers Day! 

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