Bits of Life Lately (and a giveaway)

Just a few things from life recently:
  • Pasta salad is the best leftover to have. This means its best to make 5 times the amount you need so you can eat it all week long.  (recipe coming soon? maybe?)
  • I find my hand resting on my stomach in public (secretly hoping people realize the pooch is a baby and not summer candy). 
  • Every time I talk to my little sister she asks if I’m talking to the baby, if I’m ready poetry to the baby, and if I play mozart for the baby. I’ve started doing the first, I have not ever done the second, and I’ll be better about the third. Did you know mozart makes babies smarter? 
  • A bowl of Lucky Charms contains the same amount of folic acid as my prenatal supplement. It also tastes much better. 
  • Each time I move, I appreciate this online community a bit more. After the move to Findlay, a bit means a lot. 
  • A little almond extract added to frosting in incredible. After having this recipe for dessert last night, I’m so glad Casey sent me home with leftovers (you won’t believe it comes from a box). 
  • GAP is having a 40% off sale through the 27th… I’m trying to figure out which of these I can buy non-maternity and still wear for fall 🙂 

  • Want something else to brighten up your Monday? I’ve teamed up with some darling bloggers to bring you a little giveaway… $200 to Nordstrom to be exact! Thanks to Afternoon Style for putting everything together – and to all the other lovely ladies for participating. You can enter via the rafflecopter widget below:  

Happy Monday! 


  1. I would love to see the pasta salad recipe! I think they are great to make over the weekend and eat for lunches throughout the next week, but I have not found a recipe that I love yet.

  2. I'm going to have to remember that about Lucky Charms!! Yum!

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