Birthday Photo Shoot Anyone?

How was your thanksgiving? We are still recuperating over here with lots of snuggles, friends, and White Collar. Being so far from our immediate family, we are so thankful for cousins and awesome friends (especially ones that come back from family time early to hang out with us). People are the important things in life and I find when I focus on those relationships I am the happiest.

So while we indulge in our new favorite show I’ll leave you with some more pictures to enjoy from my wonderful birthday photoshoot. I’d never done a photoshoot for my birthday, but when K suggested it, I loved the idea. I might have to make it an annual tradition. What do you think?

Oh and birthday party pictures soon! Can it be next year already?

P.S. I may or may not be wearing footie pajamas. Be jealous.

Do you like them?
How was your thanksgiving?
What are your birthday traditions? 


  1. I dont like them
    I love them!
    They are too cute & turned out great. Jealous I wish I had of thought of this idea for my 24TH Birthday.

  2. beautiful shots!! when was your birthday? Happy belated Birthday. sorry I missed it!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!! I love the photos and I think that's such a great idea! You look gorgeous and so happy!

  4. Super cute! It looks like you all had a lot of fun – and created a great memory – not just a fun photo! (which is always key in my book!)

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