Bill Marriott and Mitt Romney Slept in This Bed

I’m tucked into this extraordinarily comfy king bed and we’re plotting out our apartment hunting for tomorrow. So far I approve of the Cincinnati airport because it has an Outback and the suburbs because they’re called things like Alexandria (it has to be beautiful with a name like that right?). 
But, while I’m working my way through Cincinnati suburbs, I wanted to share a little bit more of last weeks NYC trip. For the final weekend and our celebration bash one of our advisors upgraded to the Presidential Suite at the Times Square Marriott (the one that Bill Marriott stays in when he visits and where Mitt Romney stays when in NYC – win). Debbie and I spent a few hours Sunday enjoying the view, the free wifi, the baby grande piano, and the feeling of superior wealth and prestige šŸ˜› We also may or may not have launched ourselves onto the bed (but did refrain from jumping on it). Someday I’d love throw a new years eve party in that suite. It would be the perfect mix of sophistication and fun. With a times square view, floor to ceiling windows, and a baby grande piano, it would be one fantastic and intimate evening. Meet me in NYC in ten years? 
 Until then, you can keep up with our apartment hunt on instagram: @bellatheblog – I’ll be asking for your opinions throughout the weekend! 


  1. So glad you had such a fun time in NYC and at the upgraded suite…how fantastic!!! That's the hotel I stayed in years ago for a New Years with a view out at the ball dropping via those large, floor to ceiling windows you mentioned…isn't it great! šŸ™‚ I now live in Manhattan, and each day I'm in awe of all it has to offer and just how lucky I am…I'll meet you here in 10 years when you throw your NYE party of sophistication and fun…perfection! šŸ™‚

  2. How cool is that!I probably would have jumped on the bed though.haha!

    Good luck on your hunt.


  3. So fancy! I hope you like Cincinnati!

  4. I live in Alexandria too but in Virginia. I love when neighborhoods have relaxing friendly names.

  5. Have fun apartment hunting – I can't wait to follow along and that hotel room looks HUGE! Tell me you jumped on the bed, I would be so sad if you didn't.

  6. That suite looks AMAZING! Good luck on the apartment hunt; my fiance and I began ours and it can be so hard to find a good place!

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