Best Sellers of 2020


We are still in the throws of packing and moving (maybe unpacking by the time this gets up?). We’ve just finished our “no-spend” January where we bought no non-consumables (inspired by “More Than Enough” by Miranda Anderson) with the exception of moving boxes, a plastic tote, a few birthday presents for Lincoln, and that one pair of jeans I ordered with a gift card because I wasn’t sure the sale would last. 

It is so interesting to me to dive into the analytics of sales generated by this blog each year and see what types of content lead to readers’ purchases. I have been blogging regularly since 2011 (TEN YEARS???) and I make money a few different ways on this site. 

  • sponsored posts: This is my most common and least dependable way of making money. A brand will reach out (or I will reach out to a brand or apply through an agency) and for a set amount of money I will create content around a specific product. Here is an example. I love working with brands this way because I get paid to write + take pictures which is really fun for me. 
  • affiliate marketing: If I link a product on my blog or instagram swipe up it is often an affiliate link. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will often make a small commission off of your purchase (3%-10%). 
  • ad revenue: Sidebar ads also generate revenue for my site. I make about a penny for page someone views on my blog. 

side note: When it comes to affiliate marketing, the products I sell the most are products I recommend the most often AND those that are on pages that rank really well on google / perform really well on pinterest. There are posts that are many years old that still get traffic and affiliate sales everyday. This is why some of these top sellers are maternity products when I haven’t blogged about my pregnancies in at least a year. 

Here are the top sellers from in 2020: 

  1. The sprinkler pad: We bought and loved this last summer and then it went on crazy sale and hundreds of you snatched it up. 
  2. Creamy crayons/ gel sticks: We have loved creamy crayons for 5 years and when we all found ourselves at home last summer, a lot of people jumped on the creamy crayon band wagon.
  3. Promptly Baby Book (Childhood History): These are my most cherished personal possessions and one of my favorite gifts to give. These beautiful linen bound childhood histories prompt you to record some of the most special moments. It makes me so happy so many of you are using them now, too. I cannot recommend them enough. They’re available on Amazon but for all their options (more colorways + sales), shop directly on the Promptly Website here.
  4. Shein sweater set: I got this set a year and a half ago and it has held up really well and still on regular rotation in my closet. I wear the pieces alone and together. It fit me 30 pounds heavier post partum and right now.
  5. L.L. Bean Boots: The fuzzy lining on these winter boots make them so warm and comfortable. They’re an investment you’ll be so grateful you made if you live somewhere cold. I also got the slippers from L.L. Bean for Christmas and they’re the same cozy feeling. 
  6. Pregnancy Bath Salts: They held reduce nausea and are a great pampering product if you’re pregnant. They make a great gift for a friend who is expecting. 
  7. Body Pillow: I haven’t been pregnant for a year and a half but whenever Ben is out of town I sleep with this. 
  8. Madewell jeans: I still love and wear these but currently my favorites are my Everlane skinnies and the Debbie jean from Veronica Beard. 
  9. Ipsy box: This was probably my favorite personal purchase of 2020 (with the exception of the Lou & Grey lounge set that came right before Christmas). I wrote a whole unsponsored review of this popular beauty subscription box here but I do the middle level subscription so I pay $25 a month for 5 full sized beauty + skincare products valued at over $125 (and I get to pick 3 of them from a list). 
  10. Olay Eye Cream: This is my favorite budget-friendly eye cream that I keep coming back to. It makes a visible difference (you can see it in this 30 day challenge post) and I still highly recommend it years later. 

honorable mention: Hey June studs – I don’t have analytics for this and I don’t get paid any affiliate commission from Hey June but I love getting feedback that you love this woman-owned business as much as I do.

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