Best Prime Day Deals of 2020

Today I’m talking all about Prime Day and the deals on things we already own and love! This post contains affiliate links. 

Things worth buying on Prime Day (that we own and LOVE): 

Are you shopping Prime Day today and tomorrow? Amazon is dropping all the best deals and it is the perfect time to grab household items you’ve been wanting and stock up on gifts for the holidays. Here are a few things we own that are worth buying today: 


I have never seen these go on sale and they’re THIRTY PERCENT off right now! We have played with these almost daily for the last FOUR years and they are my kids #1 most used + loved toy. They are great for imaginative play and fine motor skills. We use them with other toys (figures to make houses, cars to build garages, trains to build tracks). They hold up really well to constant use. I cannot recommend these enough. 


Fire Tablets: 

My kids listen to audiobooks each day during quiet time (more on quiet time here) and sometimes while falling asleep at night. We have used Fire Tablets for audiobooks (and occasional videos while traveling or roadtripping). I bought a new one for Lincoln because after three years, we had an issue with it plugging in and charging ( a common issue on older models). I bought the 32 gig to hold all his audiobooks and a few movies. 

Silk Pillowcases:

My mom bought me these for Christmas last year and they are a game changer for skin and hair. They don’t absorb moisture like cotton so it keeps your skin and hair hydrated. My hair is less frizzy and this helps my curls last for days between washes. I notice a big difference in my hair sleeping on these vs a regular cotton pillowcase. This is a flash deal so grab it ASAP. 


These are on a deeper sale than I have ever seen them! They are a step above all other wireless headphones I’ve tried and make a huge impact on how much “reading” I get in.  I love that they also had a microphone built in so I can chat with a friend while cleaning up the house hands-free in the evening. These were included in my “favorite things” post last year and hands-down my most-used gift Ben has ever given me. 

Amazon Essentials Clothing Deals:

If you’re looking for good quality basics at a great price, Amazon Essential’s line has you covered. A lot of things are 30% off for prime day and I’ve been impressed by the quality of all the things I’ve ordered from this line over the last two years. Right now I’m eying the puffers and fleeces for winter and I just got that single breasted black coat. 





Promptly Childhood Histories (best baby books)

These are my most treasured items and they’re 10% off with prime day. They make great baby gifts and I filled in Lincoln’s retroactively when he was two years old because I wanted to have one for each child. They’re beautiful and the quality is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about these. 


Crest Whitening Products 50% off! 

I just added some more whitening strips to my cart. I’ve tried a few different brands of whitening products and nothing has worked as well as Crest. Highly recommend these. 


Other deals to check out right now:

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