Being Great: Marriage

Last night as I knelt over an almost sleeping Benjamin for our couple’s prayer and articulated our thanks, our needs, and our desires, I fell in love with this man all over again. He works so hard and gives so much. He’s out the door before me or the sun have woken up and when he gets home, its GMAT studying until long after the sun has gone to bed. 
There are lots of things I want to be great at in this world, I want to be a great friend, a great mother, a great cook, a great photographer, and a great contributor (still deciding to what I want to contribute, see yesterdays post). I also need to be great at making this man happy (by happy I mean confident, secure, loved, etc – not the carefree sense of happy). After almost three years together I’d like to think I’m pretty good, and maybe I can’t be perfect, but I want to be great. I want to know him so well, be so in tune with his heart, that even when his discouragement seems silly, or his disappointment ill-founded, I know just how to help him see himself the way I see him. 
Sorry for the sap, but I’m feeling lucky and loved today, and just about everyday since I married this guy. I don’t care what society says, marriage is awesome. Commitment is beautiful. Sharing my life with someone has made me happier, stronger, and better. 

On me: blouse c/o // skirt // heels (not pictured)

On him: sweater (I want all of the colors, but I’ll settle for just the martini olive and mustard) // pants (Gap last season, this season here)

(all photos from after church on Sunday) 


  1. Thank you for this post. I am newly married(5 months) and sometimes I focus on the disappointments and the hard times so this post was very uplifting! Thank you very much 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I appreciate your thoughts on marriage. I also love the pictures. So cute!
    Love, Abbey Walkenhorst

  3. Hey Bella! I love your marriage posts! I'm getting married in May so I love reading anything that has to do with marriage and how to be a better wife for my future husband.

    Thank you so much for showing that marriage can rock! 😀

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