The beauty of perspective

People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped.  ~Author Unknown 

Perspective is so important. I was talking to a wonderful friend today who attributed her whole change in happiness in the past month or so to a change in perspective. She stopped looking at things from a negative point of view and suddenly realized how much good there was! 

I find myself doing that quite a bit – anytime I’m down, or annoyed, about something, I can usually step back and look at it a different way and realize how instead of changing something I may not have control over, I can just change my perspective. 

I love this concept of having the ability to control my reaction to something – when I can’t change the situation, I can still know that I can respond positively.  My mom, during her speech at the National American Mothers Convention last year, spoke of a woman she knew in Japan who, despite her circumstances, was always happy…because she carried everything she needed to be happy inside of her.  

I’m certainly not there yet, but I’m trying. I think it comes from understanding who you are, and the confidence that comes with that. Because no matter what, you can always choose your attitude, and no matter what, God is always there, loving you. Between those two, there isn’t much more you need 🙂 

My play was a complete success.  The audience was a failure.  ~Ashleigh Brilliant

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