BBQ: Vegan Style

When my cousin and her lovely roommate decided to go Vegan for three weeks I was shocked. They are not animal activists, or anti the use of eggs, but wanted a healthy initiative and a challenge. To celebrate their last day before gorging themselves on some quality cheese and then ice cream, they hosted a vegan bbq (turns out its not an oxymoron). Liv asked me to bring a vegan dessert and I’ll share the cookies and cream cupcakes you see below soon so you can have a go to recipe the next time you’re invited to a vegan get-together šŸ™‚
Everything turned out simply delicious and it was fun to see the alternatives that people came up with! 
What are your thoughts on being vegan? Have you ever done it? Would you ever do it? 


  1. First of all, I totally know Noah (one of the guys in your pictures!) Small world at BYU! Secondly, I love the idea of being vegan. My best friend's mom is a vegan health coach and runs an amazing blog ( if you're interested šŸ™‚ ) and every single meal I've ever had from her is so unique but so incredibly delicious! and although personally right now I don't have the budget, knowledge, or discipline to be totally vegan, I know that whenever I decide to go vegan instead of just caving and getting chicken or any other kind of meat, I automatically feel so much healthier and more energetic! The more I eat vegan, the more I realize that we really do eat and use animal products more than we should. Love this!

  2. I am vegitarian! Those black bean burgers are to DIE for. As for being vegan, i dont know if i could go with out ice cream! For the most part hubby and i buy vegan butter, cheese, and milk. But cant let go of the ice cream:)

  3. I made homemade black bean burgers last week, and they were WAY better than regular burgers. And it was healthy. Perfect!

  4. Such lovely photos, especially of the food! Thank you for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment! -Jessica


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