Bathtime with JOHNSON’S!

Now that the kids are back to school (Lincoln heading to kindergarten each day and Adelaide loving preschool a few times a week), I’ve had to get serious about our nighttime routine again. 
Maybe it was summer, maybe it was at the time at home, maybe it was the move, but our evenings seemed to creep later and later each night with less and less structure. After finishing “Why We Sleep” a little while back, I realized that, especially as school started, we needed some structure back in our nights. Mornings start earlier (I am MISSING that 9 am Boston preschool) and if the kids aren’t in bed early enough I get a glimpse at their teenage stubbornness as I try to get them up in the morning. 
One thing we’ve switched in to our routine is JOHNSON’S new Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. We ran out of their JOHNSON’S Clean & Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner which we like and everyone has been using baby Westley’s Bedtime Wash for the last few weeks. It was time for some real kid’s hair products.
I love what the conditioner does to Adelaide’s curls. No matter how hard they’ve played out in the yard, no matter how much dirt or tangles have accumulated, this conditioner leaves her long hair silky soft. It strengthens hair and helps prevent breakage which is a win-win!
On nights we don’t have time for a bath we still try to brush out Adelaide’s hair and have LOVED JOHNSON’S Shiny and Soft Leave in Conditioner Spray for the last two years. We just got the spray and beyond Adelaide’s obsession with the pink princess packaging, I really like that how it tames the frizz. She can spray all by herself and loves to sit and brush out her hair while we read stories on the couch in their room each night. 
You can grab all the new JOHNSON’S Kid’s Hair products on your next Walmart run or online with your next online pickup or delivery! Here’s a quick recap of what I talked about, what we’re using, and why we like it: 
●      Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner: This is great for strengthening little one’s locks and preventing breakage. They’re gentle enough for developing hair while still being really effective. If your little one struggles with tangles then try this conditioner (and the conditioning spray. 
●      Shiny and Soft line: We’ve only tried the conditioning spray from this line and LOVE it. I’m excited to try the shampoo for Adelaide next. This is great for smoothing frizz from a day of playing and she wakes up with beautiful, soft curls for school the next day. 

●      Clean & Fresh line: We got this shampoo about a year ago and have really like it! Lincoln and Adelaide have very different hair (Lincoln’s is fine and straight and Adelaide’s is thick, long, and curly) and they both used the Clean & Fresh shampoo.

JOHNSON’S offers specialty haircare for a range of different kids’ hair types! Gentle enough for developing hair, strong enough for any hair need. Select the JOHNSON’S kid line that best fits and add to your Walmart online pickup or delivery order.

P.S. One more thing worth noting – we’ve used JOHNSON’S products in the bath for the last 3-4 years and my kids have never complained about shampoo or soap in their eyes. Occasionally they’ll get ahold of my bar of soap and then we’ll have tears but I love how gentle JOHNSON’S products are. If Westley is taking a bath with the big kids I don’t’ worry about the shampoo or soap on his sensitive skin .. although I still try to keep him from drinking the bath water 🙂 
What are non-negotiable parts of your evening routine? 
How have you switched things up now that we’re back into school season? 

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