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My roots on both sides go back to England and Scotland. There’s plenty of history there, and this summer we had a fun family reunion celebrating our Scottish roots. Our Scottish heritage doesn’t shape many of our family traditions, but its fun to learn more about where we came from (we’ve got a coat of arms and everything :). So much of our family history is done that its daunting for me to try and add to our genealogy but I love that on places like FamilySearch you can start building your own family trees and finding your ancestors. 
Have you ever spent time doing your family history?
Do you know about where you came from?
This vest was a birthday present from my mother after their family history tour of the UK with a few other family members. Its something I can imagine passing down in sixty years while teaching my grandkids about our ancestors. Styling it was a bit tricky, but I love it over this bow blouse and the fun jewelry from Style Lately. The bird earrings seemed fitting because my maiden name literally means “Eagle’s Wood” or the place where the eagle’s nest. 


jeans: Lucky Brand // belt: Banana Republic // vest: Pringles // bow blouse // boots: thrifted // bracelet // earrings






jeans: Lucky Brand // belt: Banana Republic // vest: Pringles // bow blouse // boots: thrifted // bracelet // earrings


  1. My family is Scottish, too! On the French family side (French is my mom's maiden name). And my dad's side especially is very Irish. (Two reasons why Ireland and Scotland are my top two dream places to travel). And I agree, family history is so daunting!

  2. You are STUNNING! I wish I knew more about my heritage, but sadly I know nothing! All I know is that I have german and irish ancestors.
    I love that vest, it will be such a great piece to pass down one day!

  3. I'm so obsessed with genealogy! My family is scottish as well. I love it 🙂

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