Anniversary Weekend

Here are just a few snippets from our Saturday and a few more anniversary celebrations (because we like to make it a week long affair? apparently). Some of my favorite moments from the weekend involved a family dance party in the living room, napping in he hammock, and reminiscing about our past year as a family (it’s been a big one – I talked about it last week here).

Saturday morning I slept in while Ben took the baby and got in a workout. When the two of them got back we put the baby down for a nap and enjoyed whole wheat buttermilk waffles (my favorite kind).

^4 years šŸ™‚ 
^I can already tell this little guy is going to take after his dad. As long as neither of them do another tough mudder….

^anniversary flowers
^Ben made the most delicious chicken parmesan for dinner with a red mashed potato and veggies (not pictured). He even brought out our wedding China and we sipped sparkling apple cider while laughing at Linc getting his first taste of chicken and mashed potatoes šŸ™‚

^The Findlay BalloonFest was this weekend and after dinner we decided to push the baby’s bedtime to see the balloons. As we approached the park, the traffic got a bit insane and we decided we could see the balloons from the air. We ditched the festival, headed to our favorite ice cream place in town and let Lincoln take his first lick of sherbet before taking a little stroll. 
^Lincoln has always loved dancing (waltzing around the living room entertained him the most when he was a newborn), but this weekend it was a hit on a whole new level. His eyes get so wide and he alternates between grinning and trying to catch his breath. (so in this picture we’re dancing around the parking lot, naturally)
^so many “throwing baby up in air pictures” late…but he loves it 

I hope you had a great weekend and are having a lovely Tuesday! 
P.S. Everything (other than linc’s shorts which are from Target) we’re all wearing is from GAP. My dress is last summer but we just got Ben’s shirt on super clearance. (25% off your purchase today using “GOODDAY”) 


  1. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 4 years on the 22nd! It's always crazy to look back and see how much everything has changed in just 4 short years! Linc in that Tough Mudder headband is priceless!

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