An Update + Feeding Infants Tip

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So I promised a few weeks ago when I talked about a new program I was starting called Nutrimom that I would keep you updated (first post here). I’ve been chatting (via phone) + messaging with my nutrition coach and Annie is fantastic! She got to know me and Lincoln and we talked mainly about our eating habits (Nutrimom has seven core pillars including healthy eating, healthy feeding, taste development, hydration, sleep, physical activity, and stress management but I’m mainly focused on eating/feeding because that is what I’m most concerned with right now). Over the next few days I’ll be sending pictures to her of what we eat (super easy using the app) so she has a fuller picture from which to give me meal plans and tips.

I’ve also been reading articles on their site (they have SO much good info) about introducing foods to babies and it reaffirmed the importance of introducing Linc to a wide variety of tastes and textures in these first few months of eating solids. Right now he mainly eats what we eat for dinner so that really means making sure I’m cooking a wide range of things. So, any favorite recipes I should try?

I’ll keep you posted on how the logging of the food goes and the implementation of Annie’s Personal Coaching tips but I’m excited to be accountable for what we’re eating and to get some ideas on how to branch out a little bit. I’m also looking forward to learning a bit more about their specialized nutrition products they have for every stage of baby development from conception through year two. They have a subscription box and a few samples arrived which Lincoln loved (although I’m still trying to teach him to eat out of one of those squeeze packets by himself). They also have prenatal dietary supplements and great nutrition bars to help women + baby through pregnancy which would have been great to have around this time last year.

Congrats on surviving Wednesday…can it just be Thanksgiving yet? 

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