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An Ode to Sisters

These two.

It was so fun having them home over the holidays. After a crazy few weeks of work and a quick fun, but exhausting, trip to London, I wasn’t feeling super awesome the week leading up to Christmas and they were the best.

“Want me to take the kids in the morning so you can sleep?”

“Can I take the kids to the gym with me and you can relax?”

“Can Adelaide come and live with me at college?” .


And I’m over here just wondering if they can drop out of college and live with me?


.Growing up, I didn’t feel particularly close to them. They’re six and eight years younger than me and always referred to as “the girls” in our family.

They stole clothes out of my closet. They were both bridesmaids in my wedding (at age 12 and 14). And sometime after that we became best friends.

And now I’m almost convinced I should keep having kids until Adelaide has some sisters of her own. Right?

a few old posts of the three of us:

Do you have sisters? Were you always close?

outfit details: 

Maddie’s chunky mustard cardigan: Shein, c/o (a full Shein review and tips for shopping on their site here)

Maddie’s black booties: Ralph Lauren

my plaid coat: this has been a favorite this fall and hopefully again in the spring – it’s unlined but a steal for the trend

my bow flats: M Gemi

Nicole’s trousers: Shein, c/o I wore these when I moderated a panel at the HBS marketing conference in the fall. They’re a light, comfortable, and flattering work pant option and I wish I had more reason to wear them.


  1. I have a younger sister. I’m 27 and she’s 23. We weren’t friends at all growing up because I was never the cool sister. I liked to play mom and boss her around and make sure she behaved, which she hated so he had huge fights. My mom used to say we would be best friends some day and we wouldn’t believe her. It turns out we are each other’s best friends and there’s no one else that knows all my secrets. She doesn’t hold my bossy old sister ways against me and thanks me because “I helped raising her and always protected and guided her”. She’s my favorite person in the whole world. Sisters are the best ❤️

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