An Afternoon At the Beach

After eating at Gayle’s (a local favorite with a dessert counter as big as the rest of the menu), we picked up pastries and headed to the beach. Don’t let the clothing fool you….after we snapped a few pictures we stripped down to swim suits. High sixties might not seem like beach bathing weather to the locals, but after the past few weeks in Ohio, it felt a bit like paradise.

We brought along one of Ben’s Christmas gifts that came a bit early this year, his new JBL Flip 2 Speaker, that has been making my music obsessed husband a happy boy for the past week or so. He’ll rave about the amazing sound quality (we can put it on the mantle in our new house, turn it up halfway, and dance to it in the far bedroom), but I’m loving it for the lack of wires and portability. It made for some fun tunes on the beach (how cute would it be to be dancing to a favorite song as the sun set?), but we’re really looking forward to using it on climbing trips this spring. Nothing gets you pumped up for a hard boulder problem like blaring your favorite music.

Here’s a few more pictures from our afternoon on the water (but make sure to scroll to the end for an awesome giveaway):

^almond pastries and sunshine make me one happy girl (although if I were going to do this more often I should probably get an actual maternity swim suit…)

^Ben in his natural habitat 
^It hooks up to our phones via bluetooth (and I can’t wait for Ben to finally finish recording some of his own music so we can listen to it on there) — they’re also only sold online which means one less trip to the store if you have a music lover on your holiday list (more gift ideas for the music lover here)

^I like photographing birds…but I really don’t like when they try to come and eat my food 

^If you’re in the area, Gayle’s is a must (the lunch was great, but the dessert is what sold me) 
^I love this shot of my California boy 🙂

^sun, sand and a 32.4 week baby bump 


  1. We live in Southern California and have a very similar view- I love taking my wireless speaker to the pier! #client

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