Alt Recap: Collectively Dinner

I’ve finally sorted through the hundreds of pictures from last week and can share the wonderful experience that was Alt Summit. I was excited. I expected a lot. And it was better than I imagined.

I flew in Wednesday morning and checked into our gorgeous suite at the Grand America just in time to enjoy a long lunch with new friends at the Garden Cafe. I highly recommend the Short Rib Grilled Cheese: Fontina, beehive cheddar, slow cooked short ribs, balsamic onions – don’t mind if I’m the only girl not ordering a salad). We laughed over the learning curve of marriage and mulled over the hardships of Phd programs (who knew I’d be inspired academically as well as creatively at Alt? a brilliant group of women I tell you, brilliant).

After lunch there were a few early bird sessions and I attended and I’ll be sharing my favorite takeaways in another post so I’ll jump straight to the fabulous dinner Collectively threw that evening. We all met at Sea Salt, a restaurant in Salt Lake who believes in “slow food.” As a reaction to the fast food movement, “slow food” is all about naturally sourced ingredients, long meals, and the very best flavors. It was the perfect setting for hours of conversation with some of my new favorite people.

^^The food looked as good as it tasted. After the appetizers it was hard to believe there was the rest of the meal still to eat!

^ How darling is the set up? Collectively put together beautiful gift bags for each of us including shirts from my favorite brand, Pickwick and Weller (the most comfortable tees). The highlight though, was the announcement of their upcoming collaboration with Bare Minerals! Each of us got the pieces from their spring trend and for someone already obsessed with their make up, this was almost as great as getting to spend all night talking to the make-up artists/marketing team they flew in from San Francisco.

Its a long story, but that fun polka dot dress Emily is wearing can be found here (and it’ll be coming to the blog soon). 
^^Jeran, the other correspondent Collectively brought to Alt along with me, snapping some pictures before dinner. 

^^Love Merrick’s smile in this (even if I was focusing on the food)

^My salmon was delicious.

^^I didn’t know it yet, but this cute girl would become one of my favorite people I met last week.

^^showin’ off the Pickwick and Weller goodies

^So many cute girls – for links to their blog check out this post on each of the dinner guests

^^Collectively cofounders Ryan and Alexa with Jeran and me. These ladies pulled off quite the dinner party and I can’t wait to share more of their fabulousness last week.

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  1. Awesome pictures! I especially love the iPhone taking a picture of the picture! Are you currently in grad school? We should have talked! I have a Ph.D. in Physiology and Pharmacology and spent 11 years of my life in grad school and post-doc positions. And now, well, I'm a blogger and a-okay with that! I think grad school was just my way of escaping my inevitable entry into the "real world".

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