All Aboard!

This weekend we had our friends up from Cincinnati and while it was a bit crazy having three children three and under under our roof (which is not a huge roof), we love having friends willing to drive all the way up to hang out with us.

Saturday we played tourist in Findlay and visited the Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation where we rode trains, played on tractors, and enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather. How was it last week we were sweating in shorts and now I’m pulling out all the sweater? Whatever, I’m not complaining.

Lots more pictures from our day after the jump:

^this three year old was so excited 
^all aboard! 
^Ben + T waving at the passengers 
^Maddie’s face makes me giggle, but really what I love about this picture is how animated Ben is while talking to Lincoln blurry in the background 
^”oh hey Mom”
^I had to promise him I wouldn’t turn it on … 
^baby in vests <all the heart eyes emojis>
^king of the mountain/rock pile
^the cutest pregnant lady around …and my favorite 🙂 
^Ben’s response of choice to “SMILE!” 

Fall, we love you already 🙂 


  1. Glad uu had fun. Fall is fun but that cold scary winter following keeps me from giving my entire heart to fall. I love your boots.

  2. I looked this place up because I also live in Ohio and did NOT know it existed! Now I want to go. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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