Adelaide’s Favorites at (almost) 3

My sweet Adelaide turns three next month! And in the last few weeks we have been a burst of personality. She is coming into her own. I love listening to talk (to me, to her brother, to her friends) and wonder at so many of the things that come out of her little mind.

I sorted her baby clothes this morning, in preparation for our upcoming move,  and marveled that she was ever small enough to wear them. I guess tiny little baby Adelaide has always been this bright, sweet, determined girl. It is so fun to get to see it.

And a bit about Adelaide right now, at 2.9 years old.

Favorite Foods:

  • Cheerios + Mini Wheats (only cereal she’ll eat)
  • Milk
  • anything with chocolate chips

Favorite Toys:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Activities:

  • Dancing. I taught a toddler ballet class last semester and while I wasn’t sure she loved it then, she loves doing her “ballet” now. She’ll perform for family and repeats “tendu, in, tendu, in, tendu, in plie, other side!” as she goes through the actions. She loves to move her body to music in the kitchen or just her arms in her carseat.
  • Coloring/painting with Creamy Crayons 
  • Wrestling with Dad & Lincoln (after reading about the importance of rough-housing for kids, we’ve been doing a lot more of it in the living room and it was so hard for Adelaide to have to sit out for the two months of her broken arm – she asks for wrestling with Dad on the regular)
  • honorary addition: Grocery shopping

Favorite Outings:

  • Car wash
  • Trampoline park
  • Playground (we will miss not having a playground next to our apartment, always filled with dear friends)\

Comfort items:

  • Saranoni blankets (she has this one in a receiving size and somehow got ahold it in the mini size which was supposed to be a baby shower gift and has claimed it – both my kids sleep with their Saranoni blankets every night)
  • teddy bear (I bought this for Lincoln and he never attached to it but Adelaide has loved it for a few years now)

Favorite Movies/shows:

What I love about this stage:

  • The way she greets me after any absence (a date, a few hours of work, a long nap, even when Ben gets up with the kids and I sleep in a bit). Her face lights into a big smile, her voice gets high and shrill, and she always comes for a big hug.
  • How she listens to reason. I can explain most things logically and she understands why she can or can’t have or do something.
  • How intent and determined she is while coloring. She will sit at the counter for 30+ minutes multiple times a day working on her pieces. She prefers plain, blank paper and covers them with a mix of big squiggles and deliberate, tiny little marks.
  • Her excitement about friends! There are a few little friends (mostly older girls) on campus that Adelaide loves so much and she gets so excited whenever she sees them.
  • She might be staying up later than usual but it also means she often wakes up past 7 am! That feels like a big win for this child that needs less sleep than the rest of us.  (well, less than Lincoln and less than pregnant me, but not as little as Ben)
  • Her sensitivity. This drives me crazy sometimes, too, but Adelaide is simultaneously bold + brazen while still so sensitive to the slightest negative tone of voice. A serious tone from me will make her eyes brim with tears until she slowly starts crying. I find myself needing to remind her a couple times a week that I am not mad at her, that this is not a mad voice, but that she cannot _____ (try to eat a penny/run away in a parking lot). It is a good regular reminder for me to communicate in a kind and loving way.

Being her mom is such a joy. Love you, little one.

Adelaide’s dress was a gift from Blu & Blue (I can’t find it online) and her shoes are from our favorite, Pediped (gold Mary Jane’s here) .

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