What did you study in school? What do you do for work?
I studied Political Science and Economics at Brigham Young University (with a lot of hours of Japanese thrown in there). Now I’m at home with my two babies and work part-time on this blog and a few other consulting/social media services for brands and bloggers. I wrote a full post on how I make money blogging here.
What is your favorite diaper bag?
 There are so many different options for stylish diaper bags these days it can be a little overwhelming. My top tip is to find a diaper bag that zips closed. I started off with a really cute tote that didn’t zip closed and I found switching to one with a zipper closure was a lot more functional (because it kept all my baby things from spilling out when I set it down if it happened to tip over). The diaper bag I use the most often is my Lily Jade bag. It is gorgeous, super functional, and a little pricey. I love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag, and when I traveled for the first time without kids a few months ago I brought it as my carry-on to carry my laptop + camera. It does have a backpack function but I’ve found the straps are not very comfortable when the bag is full of stuff. If you’re set on a backpack, Fawn Design makes a beautiful one. Mine just arrived a few days ago so I haven’t used it yet but from trying it on it is SO comfortable. If you’re looking for something at a better price point, Newlie Co has cute bags that are half the price of the Lily Jade bags but are still leather and look like a regular bag. Lastly, I also really love Kate Spade’s diaper bags in this style. My best friend has used two over the last couple of years and they look great, hold up well, and are a really great shape/size. They typically have a 50-75%% off sale a few times a year (sign up for the email list). Hope that helps!  
You don't look old enough to have a baby. not technically a question, but I get it a lot.
Ben and I got married in 2011 when I was 20 and Lincoln was born a couple months after my 24th birthday.
What tips do you have for a new mom?
Congratulations on your new baby! If you’re in those early sleepless weeks I’d start with this raw letter to myself at 5 weeks post partum or this post on the transition to motherhood . I also shared tips on getting your baby to sleep through the night and how to reduce tears with a newborn.
Can I use pictures from your site?
Yes, but please credit them to this blog and always link back. If you are using pictures from a recipe, please only use one or two pictures and then link back here for the recipe (do not post the recipe instructions – give them a reason to come back to the original post).
What kind of camera do you use?
Ben and I shoot all images for the blog with our Nikon D610. Until May 2015 I use a Nikon D5200. We shoot mainly with our Sigma Art 50mm 1/4 lens which is INCREDIBLE (and huge). I can’t recommend the D610 or the Sigma Art lenses enough. We also shoot wider angle with our 18-35mm lens.If you’re starting out, I’d recommend buying a camera body and a 50mm 1.8 lens. I started with the Nikon d5200 kit and once I bought my first 50mm lens I didn’t use my kit lenses again.  



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