A Sunday in the City

NYC TRIP Pt 1: A Sunday in the City
In New York we had both weekends on either end of the competition week to spend enjoying the city. I’ve spent plenty of time in NYC before so we avoided the most touristy of activities but did make sure to visit some favorites. 
Meet Debbie, an up and coming Audrey Hepburn (can’t you see it?) and my roommate for the trip. We started Sunday morning off a little late with church at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints temple complex on Columbus Ave. It catches me a little off guard every time I see the temple in the middle of a bustling city. They have five feet of steel reinforced concrete to keep all the noise out (although the 32 children under the age of two in the congregation provide plenty of noise on their own – but they’re adorable so we forgive them :). 
Following church we headed to a local cafe for Sunday brunch and good conversation (and escape from the bitter cold that was NYC that weekend). We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling through Central Park and taking in as much of the MET as a few hours would allow. 
Those 32 babies I was talking about have to get to church somehow – they call it “the parking lot” 
yes, it tasted as good as it looks
freezing in central park 
beautiful Tiffany stained glass window in the MET
the greek and roman collection took me back to living in Italy 
and a little gossip girl for you – steps of the MET

For a Sunday in NYC it was as peaceful as we were going to get.

P.S. My trench (last seen here) has become my favorite spring jacket (can buy it here). Until we started getting sleet in NYC I lived in it.

What are your favorites parts of NYC?
Are you a sucker for art museums too? 


  1. Okay, we are the cutest. Thank you, Serena, for a wonderful ten days in the city.

  2. Seriously, my heart is yearning!! I need to go back to NYC soon.

  3. favorite parts of NYC: the High Line, S'mac, my bed, walking to and from school every day, having the shuttle to get me home when I'm done with school, getting a transfer and saving a whole $2.50, when the closest Asian supermarket is on my walk to school, and I can tell you instantly where the closest place to buy orange-carrot-ginger juice is (and it's also within a five minute walk). Feeling like a New Yorker. Feeling like a displaced New Englander and being super proud of my quirkiness. Parks. Dogs, especially Goldendoodles. Being able to wear heels to the bar because it's only a block away from home. Being 21 so I can go to any place I want. Pretending you're a movie star some nights, and going out with your friends older brothers and not minding when they pay exorbitant amounts for bottle and table service, and taking a cab home at 4am. Dancing and hookah. Parents who pay lots of money for me to tutor their kids or teach them to swim. My amazing education. Finding green places in a mostly concrete jungle. The daily feelings of being alone when I'm surrounded by people, and the daily feeling of having people around when I'm completely alone. and I LOVE art museums. I'm partial to the MoMA šŸ™‚

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