Findlay Favorites// Downtown and Alexandrias

How is it Thursday?

I’m not sure.
I am sure though, that yesterday the vaccines Lincoln got were filled with happy juice – because that baby was nothing but giggles and long naps the whole rest of the day. I’m about to sign up for weekly vaccinations over here.

But on a more realistic note, we had visitors over the weekend and I am really loving how frequent we get company in our little corner of the middle of nowhere. Friends came up from Cincinnati, and my cousin came over from Pittsburg and we all met up for lots of food and some good conversation ..for two days straight.

Here are pictures from Saturday:

^We started off with donuts, naturally (and a huge omelette because half the house got up and ran many miles while baby and I played and then napped). 
We headed downtown just to walk around (and work up an appetite after such a big breakfast). I love taking people to downtown Findlay because you get a lot of the old small city charm. It’s also funny to think all three of us were sitting in a 9 am econ class trying to stay awake together a few years ago…oh how things change. 
^you can find pretty flowers everywhere – these were right in front of the courthouse

^a fun little monument back behind the courthouse 
^we walked far enough down main street to get to all the old beautiful houses 
^I think we’ll move into this one 😉

^We stopped for lunch at our favorite place in town, Alexandria’s. It is a gastropub, and while they always give us sideway looks for not ordering any alcohol, their burgers are the best we’ve ever had. And the duck fries. Don’t even get me started on the duck fries. 
^my favorite is the Jabba The Hut – but I think we (or our guests) have tried most of the ones on this page… 
^I was hesitant to be out of the house for so long (and right in the middle of nap time!) – but this kid was an angel on Saturday and napped in his stroller and then just ate and chatted with us during lunch. 
I love all the dark wood and crystal light fixtures. 
^oh you know, just dragging along the 6 month old to the pub

^We had to stop in at Ditsch’s on the way back to the house. The ice cream might be great, but I think the gallery wall needs some work 🙂 
^When in Ohio, order Buckeye 
Not pictured: the amazing cheese + chocolate fondu we had later that evening.
Or the blowout we changed on the (very posh brick) floor of the pub bathroom.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 


  1. I love this little look at Findlay! I think you hit the highlights for sure 🙂

  2. I know I comment on your blog a lot, but I LOVE how cute Findlay is! I enjoyed driving out to University of Findlay for classes just to look at the cute downtown area. And having friends visit is the best!
    Cutie and the Geek.

  3. I've been craving duck fries all week. Thanks for all the laughs and thought provoking conversation. Fingers crossed for another mini reunion this fall:)

  4. So fun! I'm impressed your little man was so great while y'all were out and about! Hope you have a great weekend!

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