A New Approach to Resolutions

2013 will be a year of self improvement. There will be lots of change for me and Ben (graduation, moving, hopefully real people jobs, maybe a little traveling). I like to make my new year’s resolutions holistically, setting goals in each important area of my life. This year I’m also focusing on setting simple, daily, achievable goals. For example, I won’t set a goal like “lose five pounds.” Instead, I’ll decide to do a short set of exercises everyday. Here are the categories I’m setting goals in and a few of my favorites in each: 

Physical: Stretch and do strength exercises daily. Eat dessert only on days I do cardio (with the exception of Sundays). Drink 8 glasses of water five days each week.
Spiritual: Spend time in the scriptures daily and have meaningful communication with God everyday.
Social: Be a social instigator; Invite groups of friends to do something once a month (think dinner parties, camping trips, and themed dates). Write one letter a week. Communicate with each family member once a week.
Financial: Stick to a strict grocery budget and record everything I spend on a daily basis.
Intellectual: Spend half an hour on each class everyday (min.). Always be reading a book. Listen to Japanese and French conversation/music once a week.

Each of these goals are things I can check off everyday (or every week). They are small. They are not overwhelming. A slight change in direction today, can leave to a very different final destination. 
Do you set goals in categories?
Which category is most important to you? 

P.S. I had to share one of the pictures K took while we were out yesterday – love that girl…and what she can do with a camera. 


  1. Great goals! They are seem really realistic and achievable. Are you studying Japanese and French? Either way, listening to music in a different language sounds really interesting!

    p.s. haha can I have your hair?!

  2. The picture did come out nice! I love the way the color in your scarf/hat/lips came out.

    I've found that if I set too many simple goals–even if small–they quickly become overwhelming for me. So this year, I only have two:

    -get all As (except maybe, maybe in a class that is particularly impossible, I'll change that to "not a C.")
    one thing I will do to do this: whenever I open my computer, facebook or youtube will NOT be the first tabs I go to on Chrome.

    -cook a nutritious (slightly vegetarian?) dinner for myself at least twice a week.
    one thing I will do to do this: think leafy greens, lentils, beans, nuts, eggs, etc. use my new butter-flavored olive oil and blackberry ginger vinagrette.)

  3. Those are such great goals, and totally achievable! I especially love the one about being a social instigator. I know I'm so bad about that, but I think it's a great one to try out. šŸ™‚

  4. These are some really great goals! I don't really break them into different categories, but I also didn't make any resolutions this year. My main focus is just to be happy. Are you learning both Japanese and French at the same time? I've always wanted to learn both languages. Right now I'm studying Italian, and then I'll be moving to German/French/Japanese!
    xo, Maria

  5. i think these are all really great goals.
    i love this round about way of thinking of things in categories.


  6. Such a stunning shot of you! I also love how you broke down your goals into these important sections and aspects of our lives! Such a great approach that I will have to use šŸ™‚

  7. Looks like some great goals! You seem so determined so I am sure you'll master them all!

  8. Super smart approach to resolutions, and very do-able! Might have to take a page from your book šŸ˜‰

  9. First of all – you look beautiful in that picture. And yes, that girl is awesome with a camera. I'm going to have to think about which category would be most important to me – I'm torn between spiritual and intellectual right now. I appreciate the inspiration for me to think a little harder about this.

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