a moment

So there was a moment this weekend, after the baby was asleep and the house was clean, and probably after we should have been in bed, that I found myself sitting across the couch from Ben, just talking. The conversation moved from the importance of education to raising teenagers with high standards (we have no idea how to raise a baby, but we have plenty of ideas for fifteen years down the road) and as I learned new things about this man I married, something clicked: I was sitting on my couch, in a home I own…and not just with some cute guy, but with a man I married…and we had a child sleeping in the next room.  

*The couch part is significant because for the first year of our marriage we didn’t own a couch and watched movies from the (dis)comfort of a blanket draped over a rock climbing crash pad (which also doubled as our bed for the first few weeks of married life). 

So much of the time Ben and I are dreaming of the future, working toward the future, looking forward to whats coming next. And that’s great. I am so glad I married someone so ambitious, so driven. But, this weekend I was reminded that life now is what dreams were made of ten years ago (although my fourteen year old self definitely didn’t think I’d be married with a child by 24). Things will be better next year, and the year after, because that’s what hard work and careful planning brings, butt right now things are pretty great too…if I just take the time to realize it.

P.S. top is from Piper & Scoot last summer (but they have so many cute things. always), necklace is via Threads, and jeans are my favorite Lucky Brand skinnies 


  1. It is nice just to sit back and sometimes just look at what you have now and find you are blissfully content and happy. It is a great feeling!

  2. this is perfect. such a simple truth and yet, one we need to be reminded of often. thank you.

  3. I love this because I can relate so much. My husband and I have moments like this often, when out of the blue we just stop and giggle because we can't believe that we're parents, living on our own, paying everything ourselves, etc. It's really the best feeling to be so self-sufficient and realize how good life currently is! Such a wonderful post. You wrote it very well!

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