A Love Letter

This morning I sent Ben off bright and early for his first day of work. I’ve been supervising movers and unpacking for the majority of the day but while sitting here, surrounded by boxes, I found an unpublished post from a few months back. It was the night before Ben’s final interview for the job he just started.

photo from last night, and instagram, 
(once the boxes are unpacked I’ll plug 
in the camera and have more to share) 

A little love letter.
On the eve of a very important interview, I want to get a little sappy.

Three years ago I fell in love with a boy.

When I met Ben I knew immediately he was talented. I quickly learned about his work ethic and drive. He wasn’t the typical ‘smart guy’ I was used to liking (because tell me intelligence is not the most attractive thing?). He also loved skateboarding. He spent his weekends snowboarding and his evenings at the climbing gym.

Dating him showed me his love for fun and his fierce loyalty to those he cared about. Ben is an incredible friend, and I have loved becoming his best friend.

In marriage I have learned how selfless he is. Its in the little things and the big things. Its taking longer shifts on road trips and picking up extra hours in college so I could go home and see my family. I also got reintroduced to his work ethic. Last fall he started prepping for the GMAT. He had lofty goals and a rigid study program to match. I may not have seen him much those few months but we still have his results on the fridge and I am grateful for his investment in our future (and now I think I may just use him as a personal tutor and dominate the GMAT too..).

I love Ben for who he is.

I also love him for who he is becoming, for who he will be.

And then I love him for who he’s helped me to be. Marriage is wonderful, and for me, its been far easier than people let on. That said, learning not to be selfish is hard. Learning to put someone else before you is difficult. It takes practice, it takes trust, and it requires a lot of forgiveness. I am far from perfect, but I am certainly closer to it than I was three years ago without this man.

I love you, Ben, and I am oh so proud of you (regardless of what happens tomorrow).


  1. One of my favorite pictures of you two 🙂 Love this!! And love this sweet, genuine letter. Miss you two but excited for your adventure ahead.

  2. such a sweet love note! I didn't know you wanted to go to business school! way to go girl!

  3. I start to follow fashion blogs for the style, but I fall in love with them because of the people, and beautiful relationships like this. You two seem so lovely together, and you have such a good view of marriage. This was such a sweet post, and I wish you much happiness in the future.

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