A Love Letter

The day came and went and it wasn’t until we cuddled under the covers, falling asleep, that he leaned over and whispered, “happy sixteen months.” How did I forget? Exactly two years ago I first met the love of my life, eight months later I married him, and I forgot? Maybe its because life before him seems so distant. Maybe I really began living when I met Ben. (Most likely its just because it was our last day of classes, my little sisters birthday, and a long and dangerous evening of trampoline jumping.)

You can read about the day we met in the post I wrote last year.

Dear Ben
In two years of life with you I have learned more about myself than I had in twenty, for better and for worse. I’ve decided you can grow up on your own, get married later, and try and mesh those two personalities together, or you can get married young, and spend so many of those growing years together. I always thought I’d do the first, but I am so grateful for the second. Growing with you these past two years has been wonderful, and just the beginning. Thank you for loving me for who I am, and for who I am going to be.



  1. so sweet, so full of love…I aodre this post!! and both of you are amazing example to follow.


    Bea =)

  2. the other week when we were lying in bed it was our 11 months, the funny thing is the day before, a few weeks before we were talking about how we were going to married for 11 months, but in the hectic day it wasnt until our heads hit our pillows that i actually remembered. silly me. love you girly, happy 16 months, woot woot!


  3. What a beautiful letter – and it definitely adds a nice perspective to getting married young. Happy 16 months 🙂

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