A little life update

Happy September! 

How have we made it here already? 

The kids are (almost) down for naps and quiet time and I’m taking a quick break between loads of laundry and unpacking to write a brief update. 

We’re moving (partially moved…getting there) to New Hampshire! A few different things factored into this decision but mostly it was to send the kids to preschool/kindergarten this fall. I spent so much time trying to figure out whether we were going to “send” Lincoln to Kindergarten virtually here in Boston or try and homeschool. Neither option seemed awesome for us. So when I found a small private school here in NH that had a spot left for each of the kids it felt like an answer to a prayer. 

We have loved so much about living in Boston but while Ben isn’t commuting and we aren’t taking full advantage of the excellent schools or city attractions, it seemed like it wasn’t the best choice for right now. 

I am already missing friends (but let’s be honest, I’ve been missing friends for months now). The very best thing about Boston is the large numbers of interesting, fun, and engaged people. There are always moms up for fun outings to Walden pond, couples to try new restaurants with downtown, or women to talk about the latest books we’ve read. 

But, as sad as goodbyes are (and really, we have moved less than an hour away), there are so many good things about this move. The kids can go to school! The kids can play outside in a yard! We are so much closer to family. 

I have no idea how long we’ll be here. I have no idea what life looks like in 2021. But, if I’ve learned anything from 2020 it’s that you have to be ready to roll with the punches and make the best decisions on your limited amount of certainty. 

I can’t wait to share first day of school photos! And to have all these clothes unpacked. 


outfit details: 

Ben’s shorts: Fisher and Baker, c/o 

Westley’s romper : Janie and Jack (0ld) 

My shirt: J.Crew (sold out but similar white flutter sleeve linen tee here

My Jeans: AG Farrah Skinny

My shoes: Stevens Greece Slides

Lincoln’s shirt: Ralph Lauren (on huge sale) 

Lincoln’s shoes (most worn shoes around here every summer): Native

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  1. It seems everyone is moving in with their parents. I am telling you that living with your parents when you have your own family is HARD. We live with my parebts and oh my gosh my mom is going insane. Its just hard hard hard!

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