A Happy List from 30,000ft

Written en route to NYC last month for a Model United Nations competition. I just found it, handwritten, while unpacking and just felt like it needed to be on here. 

Top of the World

  • opportunities: to be on route to NYC, to be attending a fantastic university, to be involved in model UN, to be traveling with some great friends….this is the good life
  • technology: sitting 30,000ft up I realize how I take constant connectedness for granted. I’m grateful for internet..and this week I’m particularly happy I have a phone that lets me talk to Ben whenever I want. Sit and think about it for a second, how amazing is that? 
  • wealth: Yes, we technically live below the poverty line but we rent an apartment with running water, electricity, and heat (unlike the billions of people we’ll be discussing at MUN this week). 
  • music: it makes things like flying far more enjoyable (make an airplane playlist sometime – I should share mine, its awesome). 
  • my body: I may not always like it, but I sure do love it. It gets me to class, up the wall at the climbing gym, and it can grow babies for crying out loud!  
  • family: this time last year I was flying to NYC to meet them for a few days before MUN and I am so grateful for their love, friendship, and support. 
**I’m feeling so fortunate, happy, and satisfied today. There are lots more things in life that we want, and lots more that I’m sure we’ll get – but in this moment, today, I’m happy. 


  1. beautiful lis.
    im glad i get to talk to you, even if its via text.
    im thinkin we should facetime when we get to SF?


  2. Love it. I've been thinking a lot about wealth lately too. We don't have much, but compared to many people around the world and in our hometowns, we live in mansions and a few thousands dollars in the bank is undreamed of.

    You're awesome.

  3. I had to laugh at "…and it can grow babies for crying out loud", haha. This was a beautiful list to go through and I am so happy to read that you are happy ^^ xo

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