A Glorious Weekend

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sunshine. 
I’ve been feeling cooped up here these last few weeks. Ever since I got back from Alt, I’ve been ready for another adventure. I’ve spent too many hours looking at last minute deals and planning out hypothetical road trips. Its wanderlust for sure, but its not a need to blow thousands on a trip overseas… just to get out of here, for a bit. I love Cincinnati, but at the moment, we want out. 
This weekend was a little gift, a tender of mercy of sorts that has left me rejuvenated and slightly less eager to throw a bag in the car and just go. The weather teased of summer and on Saturday we broke out the shorts for a run and ended the workout with lying on the porch, soaking up that vitamin D (don’t worry mom, it was only for fifteen minutes because we weren’t wearing sunscreen). We kept our jackets in the closet and Ben even put on his flip flops. I should be stronger than letting the weather determine my mood, but I’ll take my happiness where I can get it, and this weekend, it was thanks to the sun. 


^^would you believe that just days ago this field was covered in snow?

^^I am grateful for a best friend who gives me a reason to stay positive, always.

^^flip flops and honeymoon shoes – we bought these plaid sperrys at the end of a week on Key Largo and I love the little reminder
shoes: Sperry’s // jeans: Lucky Brand // chambray: GAP // belt: Banana Republic // cardigan: ℅ Jane // necklace: ℅ iSanctuary 


Have you guys heard of Jane.com? Its a deals site with lots of clothing, accessories, and miscellaneous cute things. They sent a few things over while I was in Utah and I’ve loved wearing them since I’ve been back. The deals change every few days so you can’t find this sweater on there right now but at the moment I’m loving the looks of this faux leather skirt, these prints, and these chalkboard clipboards. This would be a great place to order gifts (I’m all about things that are worth more than they cost) or pick up a few things for yourself. Have you ever ordered anything from them before? 


  1. I always love looking at your pictures. They just have this positive vibe to them! I was so glad it warmed up this weekend too, I live in Pittsburgh so I can def relate to your joy over the warm weather!!

  2. I have and I love it! I used to have an addiction but I had to stop or else I would have gone broke. They have such cute things all the time!

  3. It's so funny, I live in Canton but may be moving to Cincinnati soon. My husband may be transferring there for his job. I guess change is good where ever the change may be!! Any advice on the best areas to live in?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  4. You guys are adorable 🙂 AND OH! Sperry's… I literally just bought my first pair a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed. So comfy and cute!

  5. I'm glad that you got out and enjoyed the weather on Saturday. It was awesome. Spring in Cincinnati is really the best. I love seeing everyone come outside to go for runs, walks or have a meal outside!

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