A Fresh Take on Summer Smells + Walden!

This post is sponsored by Febreze and today we’re talking all about summer odors. And our first Walden trip of the season. All opinions are my own. 


We took our inaugural trip to Walden Pond this week, trying to take advantage of these last few days home with Ben before he starts work. 

The kids had as much fun as I remembered from last year and kept asking if we could move to Walden and live there forever. Adelaide insisted on wearing goggles the entire time even though I’m not sure she ever actually put her head in the water and Lincoln made little friends and talked their ears off. 

What I had totally forgotten about (or maybe it is just worse while pregnant) is the pond SMELL. 

As we headed back to the new car after a few hours, we shook the sand out of our blankets but that smell of the pond water (and sweat + sunscreen) clung to all the towels and swimsuits. 

Ever since the two week odor catastrophe of my sister spilling shrimp + scallop watery pasta sauce all over the floor of our car, I’ve had Febreze Fabric Refresher on hand for easy car cleanups. Turns out, it’s just as helpful for stinky swimsuits and towels as it is for floor mats. 

It works so well for all of those summertime odors. 

Have sweaty kids coming home from playing frisbee in the park? 

Picking children up from a long hot day at camp? 

Is there a bag of sweaty sports gear that stinks up your car (I’m looking at you and your climbing bag, Benjamin)? 

Febreze Fabric Refresher can help. Whether you’re looking to keep the smells out of your car or your entryway, just spritz away and let the OdorClear technology clean away the smell. It works in two ways: seeking out tough odors and deactivating them and then replacing them with a light, fresh scent. 

I keep a bottle of Febreze Fabric Refresher handy for  both cars (both cars! We’re a two car family again! If baby comes next week there will finally be room for a third car seat!) but it’s also  a great addition to our mudroom or entryway to spray those sports bags and camp gear before they stink up our house. 

You can use them on shoes if sweaty feet are making little sneakers less appealing in the summer heat (I haven’t tried this one yet but Lincoln’s sandals were so gross by the end of last summer so I’m excited about this one). Let kids be kids but keep those smells outside. 

What are you most excited for about summer? Any other tips for keeping the summer stink outside?

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  1. I like you but your posts and instagram stories are hard to follow. One day you are home with your kids and the next day you show stories in Provo, Utah. I get confused thinking I am following someone I cant keep up with. Do you travel that much spontaneously? I

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