A few things I’ve bought and loved recently

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Can you believe it is March already? 

We are starting to get a little more settled here in California (three out of the four mattresses have bed frames now!) and I’m trying to balance my desire to get everything done with the kids’ needs for stability and fun. 

We finished a no-spend January which was a good balance to our move-across-the-country-and-spend-all-the-money February. Today I have a quick list of some favorite purchases we have been loving lately. Nothing sponsored or gifted on this list (but the links are affiliate links which means if you purchase something after clicking on them, I might make a small commission at no additional cost to you). 

  • Lark & Ro jumpsuit: This is so cute and cozy. Whenever I put it on it stays on for 24 hours straight because it is more comfortable than my pajamas. Right now I’m not going anywhere besides the front yard and the grocery store but I have grand plans to dress it up with a jean jacket and white sneakers for lunch with friends when things open up. It also comes in black which I’ll probably end up ordering as well. 
  • Lou and Grey sweatsuit: This was the #1 recommendation when I asked for the best joggers and lounge sets a few months ago and I finally ordered a pair over the holidays. They are AMAZING. I ordered a few different ones thinking I’d try colors and sizes and ended up keeping 2.5 sets (two pairs of pants, three sweatshirts) because they’re that good. The material is so soft and a little lighter weight than I was expecting in the best way. They hold their shape and softness through washing and are the coziest thing. Between Christmas and New Years I spent 90% of my time in one of the sweatsuits. I have this sweatshirt , these sweatpants, and these joggers. There are a lot of different styles but just look for the signature softblend fabric (and maybe wait for a sale – they’re pricy for a lounge set so I’ll keep an eye on the sales).
  • L.L. Bean Slippers: Ben got these for me for Christmas and they’ve been on my feet ever since. So warm. So cozy. So comfortable. I have been known to wear them to drop-off on accident a couple of times. 
  • The Stanley Cup: This was another gift from girlfriends for my birthday in November and I now understand the hype. It keeps everything cold or hot for days, fits in a regular cupholder, and I don’t have to refill it 2902 times a day. This is sold out but when it comes back in stock, it is worth it. 
  • Little books for the kids: I added these last minute to an amazon order to include in the kids’ stockings and I’m so glad I did! They’re prefect for budding imaginations to illustrate their own stories. One of the few memories I have of kindergarten is the big bin of these blank notebooks and filling them up with my own stories and notes was my favorite.  Update – it looks like these sold out but this set is SUPER similar in style and price.
  • This new planner: It is just the updated version of the one I had last year but I really love how you can plan out your week and your days on different sides of the same spread. I got mine (this same one with a black cover) at Anthropologie and they still have a few in stock. These sell out (the other two colors are sold out everywhere, including the Sugar Paper site). Target does have a product line from Sugar Paper and they have a very similar planner at a cheaper price point (slightly lower quality). 
  • These hair ties: These are great if you want your hair back without a crease. They also double as really desirable toddler toys. I always have on in my hair and one on my wrist. 
  • This self tanner: I broke out my favorite self tanner for a vain pick-me-up last week. Of all the self-tanners I’ve tried, this one is the very best. The color is natural and NOT orange plus you can opt for a light tan or a deeper one by leaving it on for longer. I leave it on for an hour on my face, and 2-3 hours on my body (unless I’m lazy and just sleep in it and wash it off the next morning). I use the “dark” color. This is much better than the St. Tropez tanning mousse I’ve used in the past.

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