A Day on The Water: Monterey Part 2

While we were in California last week we took a mini vacation inside of our vacation. He headed an hour south to the beautiful Monterey area. Have any of you been? Its nothing like Southern California and reminded me so much more of the East Coast. Sunday night consisted of quiet evening strolls but Monday was a full day of fun. Ben and I started out at the aquarium. I think penguins might just be the cutest animals. Did you know they can swim three times faster than Michael Phelps? Pretty impressive šŸ™‚ 
After a morning to ourselves at the aquarium we met up with Ben’s parents for lunch and an afternoon on the beach. There is nothing quite as relaxing as warm sand, a cool breeze, and a good book. After the beach we headed back to the town house to relax in the hot tub before showering and heading out to dinner. We stopped for an hour or so at the same beach we went to on our last trip, before heading out to this amazing seafood restaurant. Fresh clam chowder followed by local salmon in a teriyaki glaze. The ensuing food coma made for a perfect movie watching evening. 
Loving this wood dinner ring my father -in-law gave me! 
Pants: Gap//Shirt: Gap// Jacket: Ralph Lauren// Ring: gifted// Bracelets: Lia Sofia and thrifted
Have you ever been to the Monterey Aquarium? 
Do you prefer the aquarium of the zoo? 
Are you wishing we had more summer or are you excited for fall? 

Monterey Part 1


  1. Wearing jeans on the beach?! What is this?! haha. It looks so beautiful and reminds me of the east coast too!

  2. sounds like a seriously perfect vacation.
    but really, not vacation i'm taking i'm taking with you guys. hahah.


  3. The Aquarium is a yearly trip for me – it never gets old! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip!

  4. Look at you cutie patootie! I'm saving for a camera after seeing how cute your pictures are. Maybe in a year or so, I'll have enough! BAHAHAHAHA! Hey, having kids and living in Jersey is financially draining! Glad to see you two lovebirds having fun together. Those first few years are full of "memory building" as I call it. Later when you guys have a rough patch or a time of testing, you will DRAW from these precious memories which are a foundation for a great marriage! Yay! Enjoy seeing you guys' travel!

  5. You are adorable! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog.

    I love the wooden ring! … so earthy and beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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