A bit of relaxation

Hot water is my love language.

Well, at least its one of them.

Steamy showers or long soaks in the tub (followed by a good nap) can cure just about anything. When I was pregnant, I probably doubled our water bill by indulging in almost nightly baths and now, even five minutes in a hot shower feels like a little getaway. Maybe it traces back to all those early years in Tokyo, and the much-to-hot onsens (have you ever been to a Japanese-style bath house? add it to your bucket list). So when you have access to a bath that you can actually lie all the way down in (the ones in our new house just don’t cut it)… you photograph it for a blog post 😉

My natural response was to type “Just kidding”…except there are pictures so clearly I can’t be completely kidding….

Mothers day weekend I took a bit of time to unwind on my own because when you have loving sisters around and your parents’ dreamy bathroom, you take advantage. I find that when I take a bit of time to recharge, I’m a better mom, a better wife, and a better version of me. Usually it just means I’m less stressed and more present. It means I’m on my phone less and talking to Lincoln (or Ben or friends)  more.

I set the mood with a little classical music, and after a leisurely shower (with a new body wash) to clean off and shave, I soaked while letting my mind wander.

These days my mind spends a lot of time in the future – but with mothers’ day so close, I spent a few minutes reflecting on these first four months of motherhood (my baby is FOUR MONTHS people!). It’ll be a post for another day, I think, but the conclusion is that I never knew how loved I am until I became a mother. I thought I did. I didn’t.   

^I like having a few favorite products to indulge with every once in awhile – including this Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment (used in the shower before the bath)

^Mothers’ day roses (not mine)

^When we (I use the term “we” very loosely here) built this house a little over ten years ago after moving from Asia back to America, this was always my favorite room. The tiles are from a trip our family took to Bali (and the best is the huge elephant tile in the shower!). Something about the asian touches and all the windows make this room so incredibly peaceful, zen even.

^this new baby deserved a picture (insert party emoji because full frame cameras make this girl very happy)

^Have you ever dry brushed before a shower before? I was just reading about the benefits a few weeks ago so I picked up a brush and am adding it to my beauty routine a few times a week. I’ll keep you posted.

^Rose petals make anything feel a bit more special (okay, a lot more special)

^I love the feeling of newly shaved legs (especially when crawling into just-washed sheets) so its always included in a pampering session – I picked up this Schick  and a new shaving cream at Meijer (and I used to pronounce that mei-jei -whoops).

This post was created in partnership with Schick® in celebration of their sponsorship of the newest Pitch Perfect move hitting theaters soon (check out this hysterical music video). The opinions and text are all mine, just like always. All Pitch Perfect 2  Limited Edition Shave products are available at drug and grocery stores nationwide.


  1. Have you found it hard switching from a canon to a nikon? For some reason I'm thinking/assuming you had a canon before, but I could also be super wrong haha!

    1. I actually have always had a nikon! I practiced on my grandfathers old full frame camera which is a nikon. Then I had a p500 (somewhere inbetween a point and shoot and a dslr), then I finally got a d5200 and just recently upgraded to the 610. I loved both of the last two ….but this 610 is unreal. I didn't realize how much I would love upgrading to a full frame camera…and everything is just sharper and the colors are more beautiful 🙂 (and i could go on and on and on)

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