A Birthday Recap

We’re still recovering from a fun birthday weekend over here, eating leftover donuts and wishing Saturday + Sunday could have lasted a little bit longer. I just have a quick birthday recap today, mostly for my sake and without the usual overload of pictures because I was pretty good and putting technology away for the weekend and just enjoying time with my favorite people.

The weekend started off on Friday with LOTS of cleaning because at 8 am Saturday (my birthday) a production team from Kroger showed up and turned my house into a studio and we spent a few hours filming segments for their new holiday web content. It was a good excuse to get out of bed + get dressed (and lets be honest, sleeping in until 7:15 is still a treat these days because Ben got up with the baby sometime after 5). The whole process was lots of fun and the sweet crew even brought me flowers.

After filming I rushed off to church for a few hours to work with the young women on a music video + eat LOTS of donuts. When we wrapped up the shoot (a lot of filming all the way around on Saturday), Ben and I left Lincoln with a sitter and we headed out for an afternoon and dinner date up in Toledo, about forty minutes north of Findlay. We did a little shopping before going to Mancy’s Bluewater Grille, which was actually a recommendation from the film crew that morning (and I figured if Oregonians recommend seafood, it has to be good, even if its in Ohio). The food was incredible (they fly in all their seafood fresh from Honolulu + Boston), and we were so full afterwards we skipped out on the movie and opted for an earlier night snuggled in bed with West Wing.

This week on the blog I have some style, some motherhood, and some entertaining (thanksgiving already?) coming your way, but in the meantime I’m going to go indulge in another leftover donut. Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see the content you created with Kroger! I'm glad you got to have such a fun weekend! You deserve it.

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend.

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