9 Reasons

In June I am opening La Vita e Bella up for sponsorship. I finally have time I can dedicate to generating regular new content and promoting your talent as well. If you aren’t fully committed yet, I’ve come up with eight “reasons” you should be so excited to sponsor: 
  1. Because I was born in Japan
  2. Because your button won’t just go up on my sidebar – you’ll be featured throughout the month with text links to my favorite posts and featured sponsored introductions with guest post and giveaway options. 
  3. Because I make the best chocolate chip cookies ever. 
  4. Because I have awesome readers (which you know because you’re reading this) and you want to meet them. 
  5. Because this is my first month sponsoring some bigger blogs which means that as more people find my blog, they also find your little piece of the blogosphere. 
  6. Because I just redesigned, reorganized, and am so excited for the awesome content coming in this month! 
  7. Because Its spring, in utah – which means beautiful pictures in this wonderful place that I live. 
  8. Because I also have the most attractive husband ever, who I photograph from time to time as well 😛 
  9. Because It’s spring which means I am also NOT in classes which means I have so much more time to do so much more fun (and that means more fun to blog about – which means more blogging which means more visitors which mean more people see you which means more of them find there way over to your awesome blogs).
To celebrate this opening of sponsorship I’m developed super low pricing options to give everyone a chance to advertise here on La Vita e Bella. Want to know what they are? Click here!
And on a completely unrelated note: Did you know that the average woman uses her height in lipstick every FIVE years?? 
Do you use that much lipstick? Could that be true?


  1. Heheh I like your reasons, and I emailed you back about hosting your giveaway! 🙂

    Also, that lipstick fact is crazy! That's A LOT! Imagine how much of that gets swallowed/licked/eaten! Ack.

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