7 Tips to Increase Productivity (& T Mobile’s Free Data Tablet)

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I feel like I live at the doctors office these days. The only two buildings I’ve frequented more since moving here are the grocery store and the chapel (food, God, family – sounds like an acceptable list of priorities to me). Add to that a new insurance plan and entering the second trimester means I need to add dental and vision appointments to the calendar too. Yikes.

Are you feeling overwhelmed keeping track of everything too? Maybe you’ve headed back to school…or all the kids? Keeping track of all the appointments is hard enough — I woke up Monday morning as Ben was leaving for work (around 6:30) with the epiphany that I had an 8 am doctors appointment which I had forgotten about all weekend. The real challenge though, is not letting all the appointments and errands kill my productivity. Magazines and phone games are great for keeping me occupied in the waiting room, but if the doctor’s running late, it eats into time I’ve scheduled for work, studying, or house hunting (because I swear that last one could be a full time job). And lets face it, doctors are always late.

The solution? A sleek white little tablet that slips right in the smallest of my purses (I’m a “big purse” person generally so I guess thats not very small) and comes with free data for life. All you have to do is register the tablet for 200MB of free data on T-Mobile’s 4G network each month (and if you want more Walmart and T-Mobile have plenty of plans for that).  I love how easy tablets make email, keeping track of schedules, and working on blog posts. I enjoy reading on something this size INFINITELY more than my phone and so its also great for looking up last minute pregnancy things before appointments (I found this list before my last appointment which I loved because I always want to have questions but always forget what to ask).

The best part is this T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85ā€ 4G Tablet is under $200.

Whether you’re juggling appointments or juggling the schedules of four children now that school’s started up, this tablet is the perfect way to keep everything organized and keep you productive while on the run! No more wasting time while idling in the car for kids running late from soccer practice (because like doctors, kids are the other thing you can guarantee to be late :). 

In the spirit of productivity and inspired by the minutes I’m reclaiming here and there with my new tablet – here’s a list of 7 things I’ve started doing or am excited to try to increase productivity around here:

  1. Don’t check email ’till the afternoon and only check it once or twice a day (even if this is hard with email now on my tablet AND my phone). By checking email first thing in the morning you let someone else dictate your to-do list and you spend your time, or at least your mental energy, responding to others instead of being proactive about your priorities.
  2. Stop multitasking. I love having a show going while I’m editing pictures or checking instagram while I’m waiting for something to load. While this isn’t bad in the evening when things have settled into a leisurely pace, during the day I want to be more intentional about my time and train my brain to be good at focusing again (I swear social media has ruined me). 
  3. Make use of all moments: While multitasking might not be the best idea, take advantage of additional time like meals (those you eat by yourself), your commute, or waiting for meetings (like my doctors appointments). Have certain tasks like catching up on the news, listening to podcasts, or reading a book (or audiobook) designated as fillers for times like these. (Ben is a great example – with goals to be better at geography, he has apps he can jump on for a few minutes and learn something while he waits). 
  4. Don’t wait until the perfect time to do something. I’m so guilty of wanting everything to be perfect before I pitch an idea, launch a project, or make a change. Instead, I need to evaluate whether the extra hours of perfecting the details really adds as much as it costs and just DO IT! 
  5. Get up earlier. With Ben getting up earlier and earlier for work, we’ve been better about going to bed earlier too, so there really is no excuse. 
  6. Stay healthy and fit. I don’t often connect physical fitness to productivity but I know I have more energy when I’m healthy and I’m generally happier and more positive (both great things for every other area of my life). 
  7. Don’t be so accessible. This kind of goes along with not checking your email every five minutes, but its okay to drop off the grid for a few hours. Its okay not to respond to text messages or tweets five minutes after they’re sent (better yet, don’t even read them until you have a break in your schedule). 
**if you do this last one, make sure you don’t have the setting on your phone that lets the other person know you’ve read the message — as much as I value responding at my own pace, if I have a question and I know someone’s read it and hasn’t responded yet, I get a bit impatient

^the most comfortable of dresses that I’ve been living in this trimester (although admittedly its not the best for doctors appointments — I almost wore it out the door to one the other day but for ultasounds and heart beat checks its a bit more convenient to have pants or a skirt on šŸ˜‰
^18 week bump and growing by the minute I tell you

What are your tips for staying more productive? 

outfit details
dress: GAP
necklaces: c/o iSanctuary
oxfords: Saks Fifth Avenue


  1. You look adorable in this dress, and with your cute little bump!! šŸ™‚ these are all great ideas, I seem to be wasting a lot of time on my phone when I could be way more productive! thanks for the ideas!!!

  2. Thanks sweet mama to be for this great post!! Love all of these ideas – I especially struggle with 4, too šŸ™‚

  3. i try to prioritize my activities so that i do the most i can in the short time we have. Turning off my phone also helps

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