7 beauty products I’m trying during quarantine + first impressions

Today we’re talking all about summer skincare and I’m sharing 7 beauty and skincare products I’m trying out. The Silk’n product was gifted. This post is not sponsored by any of the brands listed. It may contain affiliate links. 

Is summer here? Is quarantine over? Have you started thinking about summer beauty? Have you even left your house? 

(my answers; almost, not yet, definitely, not really) 

Maybe it was three months of not getting out of the house or really getting dressed, but I have been on a beauty + skincare kick lately. I’ve been thinking about sunscreens, anti-aging, and finding a good retinol. I’ve been looking into the real differences between luxury and drugstore products (a lot of it is marketing – but in some products there is a big difference) and spending a lot of time reading about great dupes.

I thought it would be fun to share a few products I’ve gotten my hands on lately and what I’m thinking about them so far. 

7 skincare + beauty products I’m trying

at home light therapy for hair removal from Silk’n ($399):

Anyone missing a wax after staying at home for awhile? Still worried about heading into a salon? Laser hair removal has been on my “when I’m done having kids” list for years because I really dislike shaving (sensitive skin + swimsuits + razors is not a fun combo for me). I’m really excited about this one. I’ve done my first treatment which I was pretty overwhelmed with and it ended up being really easy and not at all painful.  I’ll keep you posted as I get more into this one.  


retinol vitamin c serum ($19):

Everything I’ve read says it takes 3 months to see a difference with retinol so I have low expectations for immediate results. That said, I love the consistency of this and my skin feels softer + smoother while using it. I’m 2 months into this and I’m starting to see a difference. 


retinol night cream ($20):

This has over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon! Starting the retinol serum and night cream means I’m not sure which product is really doing the heavy lifting here but this had such great reviews and the price couldn’t be beat for a retinol product. I haven’t experienced any redness or dryness with this retinol cream. I’ve used it almost nightly for the last few months.


Elemis resurfacing pads ($60):

I’ve used these for a few weeks now and they do make my skin look brighter. For the price, they aren’t the miracle workers I was expecting. That said, I like them a lot. I will keep using them. I’m on the hunt for a lower priced similar product and if that doesn’t work I will likely repurchase. 


hyaluranic acid ($10):

This leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. It isn’t thick and doesn’t dry sticky. I picked up the Trader Joes version but this one on Amazon has great reviews and is a great price! I use these as needed (right now I usually use it in the morning after rinsing my face for a little hydration before I get around to my morning face routine after I workout). I also use this often with my tinkle razors to shave my face. 

rose hip oil:

My go-to skin care friend recommended a rose hip oil so I picked up one at Trader Joes and have been using it on and off throughout quarantine. It does make my skin feel very hydrated and a little greasy. I don’t mind that feeling at night but it doesn’t work well with a matte makeup look during the day. If I’m starting to break out I always start using oil again (tells my face to stop producing oil) and this one has been really great for that. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ($97):

I snagged this in a set at The Cosmetic Company Store for an incredible deal (have you shopped at this beauty outlet before?). I’ve heard of this as a miracle worker, a cult favorite, and something beauty gurus swear by. It does NOT disappoint. I’m only three days in but it is the best serum I’ve tried. 



Bonus mention: IPSY beauty subscription!

For mothers day I gifted myself an IPSY beauty subscription and I am SUCH a fan. My second box just shipped and I don’t see myself cancelling anytime soon. 

What is IPSY

For background, IPSY is the largest beauty subscription box that relies on tech to match you with the best products from their lineup that month. You get a bag full of 5 products (samples or full size depending on which you sign up for). I signed up for the glam bag plus ($25 a month) which gives me 5 full sized items usually valued at $15-$40 a piece. 

The highlight of IPSY for me is the add-on options on the second of every month. You get access to limited deals on high end beauty products that can be added to your glam bag (and shipped with it so you don’t pay for extra shipping). For example, I got this Kate Somerville serum (sold for $98) for LESS THAN $20. To shop these add-ons you do need to have a subscription.

How much does it cost?

Glam Bag Ultimate: $50 a month for 8 full sized products and 4 deluxe sized samples

Glam Bag Plus: $25 a month for 5 full sized products

Glam Bag: $12 a month for 5 full sized samples

With all three of them you get to shop add ons at the beginning of them month! 

You can sign up for your first IPSY box here (cancel or pause anytime). 


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