6 Things I’m Adding to my Life in 2014

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. As part of a sponsored collaboration with Sears, I’ve put together a New Years inspired by this red skirt and my love for dance.  #ThisisStyle #cbias

January is right around the corner and while that means the end of a wonderful holiday season, I always get excited because it means a fresh start and a beautifully clean slate. Before you get wrapped up in New Years Eve parties, spend some time and set your goals for 2014. This year I’m excited to take complete control of my health and nutrition. I’ve picked six things I’m going to add into my life this new year. I’ve mapped out my first week of January, adding one thing a day for that first week. I’m determined to have them stick and become a regular part of my life in 2014.

January 1st:  Drink 8 glasses of water. Water is not only great for your skin, but new studies have shown that people who drink enough water burn more calories throughout the day (compared to those doing the same thing while dehydrated). Because New Years is still kind of a holiday, I’m starting off easy, giving myself a day of recovery, while kick starting my metabolism for 2014 with plenty of h2o.

January 2nd: Try a new fitness class or commit to a fitness regimen. I’m starting my first full month of Pure Barre in January. Not only will paying for the unlimited month motivate me to get my money’s worth, but this new type of ballet inspired workout is just the inspiration I need to get to a studio. Try finding a new type of exercise you love (I tried pure barre for the first time last month). Whether it be swimming, zumba, or kickboxing, finding something you enjoy will help you stick to it.

January 3rd: Bake a new healthy recipe. The key to eating well long term is to find healthy recipes you look forward to eating. I’ve been pinning some favorites to this inspiration board if you need some ideas or you can buy a new clean eating cook book and start cooking through it!

January 4th: Pick up an inspiration outfit. Whether this be a pair of jeans you cant wait to fit into or a little black dress you want to tone up for, I find having a reward waiting for me in the form of a new outfit is always great motivation. You can find affordable and stylish options at Sears and be sure to hang it somewhere you’ll see it often (a prominent place in your closet or the back of your bedroom door).

January 5th: Get eight hours of sleep. Getting enough sleep not only improves your memory, spurs creativity, and helps you live longer, but it improves athletic performance and increases weight loss. Research found that among people dieters, those who were well rested lost 50% more fat. I know that when I’m well rested its easier for me to find the motivation I need to exercise and cook healthy.

January 6th: Meditate. Find a few quiet moments each day to reflect, to reconnect, or to simply be. I love how during quiet meditation or relaxing yoga, I can leave behind all the stress and cares of the week and focus on inner peace. This year I’m looking forward to adding a little more of this into my day. Research has found meditation increases immunity, decreases stress, supports weight loss, and improves quality of life.

outfit details: Dance has been been the muse behind my fitness inspiration for years. Once I tried this skirt on in the Sears dressing room I wanted to be back on the dance floor competing waltz or leaping through a modern combination (I might have danced around the dressing room a bit ;). A big part of my fitness goals this year are strength and flexibility all inspired by dance – so you can bet a few of these got added to my inspiration board! I picked up this fun beret too using my Shop Your Way Rewards for extra savings.

^^one specific goal is having that leg back up by my head. progress pictures maybe? 🙂

I’d love to hear your goals for the new year! 
What are you motivated to change? 
What is inspiring your change? 
Do you have specific goals? 

**We’ve made it back to New England safely after driving through the night on Friday. We’re all a little slap happy but thrilled to be with family and tucked into the beautiful New Hampshire forest.


  1. Roanoke recently got a Pure Barre studio. I haven't tried it yet but I think 2014 will be my year to get back into dance as well.

  2. Completely jealous of your flexibility! I was flexible once upon a time but then I quit figure skating. Now a regular walking stride is almost pushing it in the stretching department for me, hahah. Hope you have a happy holiday!

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