5 Ways to Celebrate your Girlfriends this Galentines

 Today’s post all about easy ways to celebrate Galentines is sponsored by Love Beauty and Planet. All opinions are my own. 


Valentines is the holiday for celebrating the romance in your life but this day of love doesn’t have to only be about your significant other. Today I’m talking about five ways to celebrate those friends you love this v-day.

Galentines can be celebrated all of February – grab your best girlfriends and a find a time to celebrate this month!

  • Host a get-together: If there’s a group of you, plan to get together sometime in February to celebrate each other and your friendship. You can go out to brunch, host a meal, throw a “favorite things party” or put together a low key movie night. My favorite entertaining tip is to pick one or two details that “wow” and then keep everything else simple. Maybe you write hand-written notes for each attendee about why you love them and then eat pizza off of paper plates. Maybe you make cinnamon rolls for brunch from scratch but don’t worry too much about decor. Remember, people just want to be invited and included.
  • One-on-one time: When was the last time you and your girlfriend did something one on one? Use February as an excuse to get-together and spend some quality time just the two of you. Skip the movie and go for something where conversation is easy. Maybe it’s dinner. Maybe it’s a new museum. Maybe it’s just stopping by once her kids are in bed with her favorite flavor of ice cream for an hour.
  • Bake a yummy treat: If you love baking, this is a great excuse! If you don’t, you can also pick up your favorite pastries or desserts and deliver them. This can be a great way to give a gift with a personal touch while still on a budget (although consider delivering baked goods before Valetine’s Day because I find everyone is a tad less enthused about sugar after the 14th).
  • Put together a gift basket: Do you have a friend that deserves a little more r&r than she’s getting? If you can’t book her a mani-pedi (maybe for that one-on-one time?) put together a little spa gift basket for her with products she’ll love. I started using Love Beauty and Planet products back in October and have loving them ever since. You can snag all of these at Wegmans and each product is free of parabens, vegan, cruelty free, and will give your gf glowing skin (grab something for yourself, too). There’s a variety of pampering scents but right now I’m really liking the Argan Oil and Lavender. The argan oil is super hydrating and the scent of lavender is so calming and pampering. With the lotion this means creamy smooth skin (with hints of French lavender) and with the shampoo + conditioner it means nourished, silky hair. If you want to give a real evening of relaxation the bath bombs are my favorite because it transforms your tub into a calming oasis (just put on a favorite audiobook, grab some chocolate, and relax). 
  • Send a card with or without flowers: Let her know you’re thinking of her. A text is better than nothing but, if you can, plan a few days in advance and mail a short card telling her something you love about her. I have a friend who has mailed me a card on mothers day, detailing why she thinks I’m a great mom and those sweet notes are some of my very favorite I’ve received.

Have you tried Love Beauty and Planet products yet? You can grab them at your local Wegmans (among other places) and then let me know what you think!



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