5 unexpected ways to freshen up your morning routine this summer

This post is sponsored by Dove – my most-used + loved brand of deodorant for almost a decade. 

Happy first day of summer! We are well into summer fun with a few Walden Pond days already under our belt and today I’m sharing a few ideas on how to mix up your beauty routine this summer.

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten in a little bit of a beauty rut? Using the same things that maybe you like, but don’t quite love? Or maybe you just want to enjoy getting ready in the morning a bit more?

Here are a few ideas to mix things up this summer! (Don’t miss #4 – how fun would it be to have your perfect one every morning?) 

1. mix up your deodorant

In the summer it is so important to have a deodorant that actually works. With Dove, you have a million great ones to choose from but I have been loving their new Dove Go Fresh Rejuvenate Pear & Aloe deodorant.

My grandfather owned an aloe plantation in Costa Rica while I was growing up and in our home we still believe aloe fixes everything (I put it on my skin, I drink it in the morning, I grow it on my windowsill). So you can bet I jumped at the chance to try this new unexpected mix of pear and aloe. The aloe has AMAZING soothing and nourishing skin benefits and the pear gives it the most delightful summer scent.

In addition for a new dedorant summer scent, consider trying a dry spray. The Dove Go Fresh Rejuvenante Pear and Aloe deodorant comes in both a stick and a dry spray form  (I also grabbed the body wash and I thin they have bars of soap too!).  I particularly love the dry spray deodorant for the summer because they’re cool/cold to apply and don’t leave any white residue.

It helps me stay fresh all day long and it smells great. So when I’m running straight from the gym to the grocery store and then run into friends on my way back to the apartment, I only have to own the “no makeup just rolled out of bed look” and not the “after gym stench.”  😉

You can grab all the new Pear & Aloe products at walmart with $1.25 off using the checkout rebate through 7/18.

check out the offer here to save $1.25 on the Dry Spray or $1.50 on the stick deodorant!

2. add some water drops

Your skin is your largest organ and one of the best things you can do for it, especially when you’re sweating all summer? Drink lots of water.

I used to struggle to get in my eight cups a day until I started using flavor drops (I’ve tried a lot but the mango peach from Mio have been my favorite for awhile). Find a flavor you love or mix it up throughout the day. I find it helpful to have a straw cup / waterbottle at my desk or with me when I’m out for easy sips throughout the day.

3. indulge in a new product

Have you been hearing about facial sprays for awhile? Or maybe you’ve been interested in clay masks but haven’t tried them? This summer mix it up and commit to trying one new product (daily, weekly, or just once for the summer).

A few new categories I’ve tried recently that I’ve been loving:

  • facial spray (rose, aloe)
  • charcoal and clay masks
  • facial oils

4. add a playlist to the mix

Mix up your mix. A few years ago I heard of someone that timed their daily morning routine to a favorite playlist. They knew they needed to be out of the shower before Taylor Swift was done singing “Shake it Off” and then they needed to be dressed by the time Jack Johnson finished “Banana Pancakes.” They had through the end of a Lady Gaga pump up song to finish her makeup.

Sit down and choose the songs you’d like to start your day with and find a combination to fill your time until you have to walk out the door. As you start using it every morning you’ll realize when you need to have certain things finished by to keep yourself on track.

5. skip the heat with a great dry shampoo

The last thing you want to do on a hot summer day is blowdry and style your hair with heat! Use a dry shampoo to keep your wash + style intact longer and embrace the added texture it gives your tresses!

bonus: Take a cold shower!

I’ve been hearing about the benefits of cold showers for YEARS now but I still haven’t gotten up the strength to actually make it part of my routine. But a quick google search tells you to it will likely reduce stress, improve skin + hair, stimulate weight loss, increase alertness, speed up muscle recovery, and improve immunity.

^dancing around before pictures


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