5 Tips for a Man on Valentines

Valentine’s can bring the pressure if you’re a guy. Every girl has dreams of the perfect romantic evening – whether it be a moonlit hike to a secluded spot, a five course candlelit dinner, or homemade dessert on the couch with rose petals. Knowing your girl is key to planning the perfect Valentine’s, because we’re all different. But, knowing that, here are some good guidelines:

  • any combination of chocolate, roses, and candles do the trick. add in a sparkling beverage and thin stemmed glasses and you’re golden. 
  • if that chocolate or those roses are at the end or part of a treasure hunt (or any creative venture), you’re awesome – but if that treasure hunt has clues written in poetry (or involve any kind of poetry), you’re the best. 
  • if the poetry tells her you love her she’ll smile, but if it tells her why, she’ll swoon. 
Did that spark any ideas? If not, here are a few more pointers:
  • Write a personal card. Its an important day to tell her how you feel, but if its also in writing, she can remember whenever she wants to.
  • Do something different than last year. Traditions are great, but mix it up a little bit too. Have it be something she can remember distinct from other years. 
  • Feel free to stay in (maybe thats a good way to mix it up), but create a mood that sets the night apart. 
  • Give something unexpected. Surprise her! I know I said chocolate and flowers were great – but if you want to think outside the box (literally) go with a pampering service (gift certificate or appointment for a couples massage, a manicure for her, or some nice at home lotions and candles). Focus on experiences and create memories together. 
  • Whatever you do, give her your undivided attention that night. 
What tips would you give men for Valentine’s Day?
What would your perfect Vday look like?
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  1. love this! might just forward it on to my husband šŸ˜‰ do you have any tips on what to get husbands for valentine's day? haha i am SO lost and this is the second one i'm doing!

  2. Yes yes! Can't really go wrong with a combination of chocolate, roses and candles!! I'm loving the Russel Stover ads that are on TV this week asking all the men about why they get chocolates for Valentine's Day – so cute!

  3. every guy should read this!

    Bea =)

  4. Very good suggestions! šŸ™‚
    Chocolate never fails. If nothing else, get chocolate. I don't even care if it's not in a fancy box. Just fill a big bowl with Reese's cups, haha.

  5. Hi there! I'm a new follower, found you through Ellesee's blog. Love your page here and look froward to reading more! Stop by and see me sometime at insidethemindofnicole.blogspot.com – ā™„ Nicole

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