5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This happy list is sponsored by Febreze but all opinions and love for fresh smelling apartments are my own. 

Happy Earth Day!

Are you celebrating? We’re up with family in New Hampshire doing something a little different this year but I wanted to share a little Earth Day inspired happy list.

  1. The kid’s new obsession with gardening. My mom planted some seeds with them the other week and they have loved face-timing + visiting to see the progress of their little plants. Each time we eat a food with a seed (apples, tomatoes, poppyseed dressing ;), Lincoln suggests we take the seeds and plant them. Adelaide then reminds him, “but we don’t have a garden!” Today Lincoln told her, “that’s okay. We’ll plant them somewhere on campus and then everyone can see them and like them.”
  2. The Febreze ONE fabric & air spray in bamboo. And the wall plug. Smells just seem to multiply in this tiny apartment and Febreze has been a life saver (or a nose saver). Febreze ONE has the same odor elimination power as other Febreze products but with a nature-inspired formulation that has no aerosols, dyes, phthalates and no formaldehyde. The scents are light + fresh and my house smells like spring.
  3. The blossoms on campus! Everything at Harvard Business School is starting to bloom and it reminds me of the time we came and visited, years before Ben got in. It was late April and we fell in love strolling between the brick buildings, under trees covered in blossoms. It is bittersweet watching everything come to life again this spring, knowing that it’s our last one and we’ll be gone in a matter of weeks, but we’re trying to be happy about it all anyway.
  4. Easy donation bins: We have been doing some hardcore cleaning (did you see this post on refreshing your space for spring?) and I’m grateful for places that make it so easy to give things a second home! I used to measure the success of a cleaning day by the number of trash bags but now it’s the number of donation/recycling bags we can come up with.
  5. Good gas mileage and car fresheners. So this last one isn’t SUPER earth day connected but we’ve been making lots of up and down trips from Boston to New Hampshire over the last week for family things and I’m grateful for our tiny hybrid that is easy on the gas and for Febreze ONE car fresheners that help me forget the takeout we ate on the way home from the hospital yesterday.

How are you celebrating today? Have you been thinking about the kind of products you use in your home? I’d love to hear what steps you’re taking to make safer + smarter choices.

AND, you can grab the whole Febreze ONE line exclusively at your local Walmart store and online. The most used products from the line in our house are the bamboo air & fabric spray, the wall plug, and the car freshener but they also have a candle and fabric spray in the same light and fresh scents.


Celebrating Earth Day by sharing some of our favorite nature-inspired products. #FebreezeFreshForce #Ad #EnviornmentallyFriendly #EnviornmentallyFriendlyProducts #EnviornmentallyFriendlyHome

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