5 things I’m working on this week

Three full months in California! 

We are getting into routines (kind of) and figuring out this new normal (just in time for school to end and summer to start and everything to change). We are still working on finishing up the house (light fixtures in the bedrooms) and going to bed at reasonable hours (Adelaide was still listening to an audiobook at 9:30 last night :/). 

Here are 5 things I’m working on this week: 

  1. Putting away all tech when I’m talking to Ben at the end of the day. 
  2. Listening to my kids with eye contact when they talk to me (instead of always trying to get that thing on my to-do list done). 
  3. Getting dressed for the day before 9 am. 
  4. Stretching with the kids each night. My flexibility has gone downhill without group fitness classes and those coveted quiet moments to myself at the gym with childcare. The kids also recently started dance classes and have inherited their parents natural lack of flexibility. 
  5. Dancing it out. When I’m stressed or worried it effects the way I parent and the mood in our home. Sleep helps. Eating vegetables helps. But nothing is quite the same quick fix as cranking up some Taylor Swift and dancing it out (plus, you should see Westley’s dance moves :P). 


outfit details:

my striped shift dress: old but save option here and LOVE this splurge option 

westley’s romper: Ralph Lauren 

Lincoln’s shorts: Cat & Jack (he’s had these in many colors + sizes over the years and they’re great and only $6) 


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  1. So cute family! Looking so beautiful together. Love your family outfit and got some nice ideas for my family. Thanks for sharing.

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