5 Things I’d Go Crazy Without Right Now




I’ve been running on the treadmill + outside, using highfitness’s youtube playlists, and doing body weight exercises (squats, pushups, planks, etc) and days where I get my heart rate up in the morning are SO much better. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

It is starting to get warmer and the kids can play outside more but Cosmic Kids Yoga has been a lifesaver for turning screen time into active time. I try to get my kids moving each morning before we sit down for some structure at the table (coloring, workbooks, projects, nothing fancy) and this is a favorite. It works super well in keeping them entertained for half an hour while I get dressed or put Westley down for a morning nap.

Before quarantine we were doing it between breakfast and leaving for preschool and I love keeping it as part of our routine. I paid for the annual subscription so we could have access to a few specific videos (Sleeping Beauty) but for months we used the free ones on youtube. They have videos from kids ages 1/2 – 10 and I can’t recommend it enough! 

Quiet time:

Lincoln and Adelaide have been doing quiet time each afternoon since they stopped taking naps. It feels like a secret hack of motherhood. 

Having some time to myself in the middle of the day is such a sanity saver always, but especially when we’re home altogether all day. I try to sync up the big kids quiet time with Westley’s second nap so I have an hour to get dressed, work, clean, or just unwind. Even if I have lots of things to get done, the time away from my kids feels like a big recharge. I wrote this whole post on how we structure our quiet time and tips for starting. 

Prioritizing sleep:

I am a happier, kinder, better version of myself on eight hours of sleep. Now that Westley is (mostly) sleeping through the night (with that 10pm dream feed), there is no reason I can’t let that version of me show up for my family each day. 

I came across the quote earlier this week that “going to bed early is an investment in my relationships” and this is SO true for me. 

Going outside:

We’ve been shooting for daily afternoon walks (the warmest part of the day) and it is like a little mood booster for everyone. It helps power through the rest of the day (or to slow down and enjoy the rest of the day, however you want to look at it). 

Things I don’t care so much about these days: 

  • “getting ready: I change out of my pajamas into something else each day but usually its a sweatshirt and pair of leggings or jeans and a tee shirt. I don’t worry about hair or makeup most days. 
  • screen time: My new philosophy is that if my kids have been playing all day without screens, I don’t care if they watch a movie every day at four pm in quarantine. This time works well because its a hard part of the day for me, lets me work on getting dinner ready, but isn’t too close to bedtime that it interferes with sleep. Somedays we go the full day without screens. Other times I’ll put on a show so I can exercise and we’ll watch a movie together in the evening. If there was a time for screens, this would be it. I try to avoid screens in the morning because my kids tend to be crankier after they’ve watched shows (not the case with Cosmic Kids Yoga – moving their bodies seems to combat that negative effect of screen time)
  • Expectations: I’m generally just letting go of expectations right now. I’m happiest when reality is better than my expectations and when you can’t change reality, you can adjust expectations. 


Five quarantine tips + tricks to have a more positive experience. #quarantinetips #covid19 #tipsandtricks #parenthood #toddlers

Five quarantine tips + tricks to have a more positive experience. #quarantinetips #covid19 #tipsandtricks #parenthood #toddlers


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