5 Steps to a Delicious Blog

A few people have asked recently for my blogging advice (something I love to talk about). But, I’ve found plenty of blogs who ignore all my advice, and are wildly successful. So, instead of sharing tips on how to write a “better” blog, I’m going to tell you what my favorite blog looks like.

1. It has big, beautiful pictures. If your images are terrible and your writing is fantastic, I’ll drop by when someone recommends a specific post, or maybe when I’m incredibly bored. If your pictures are incredible and your writing is terrible, I’ll drop by everyday, look at the photos and move on before reading a word. Find the right mix. 
2. It has a good mix of writing presented in a unique way. It incorperates real life, with a side of fashion, recipes, ideas, or advice (doesn’t have to have all of those).  10 tips to a better marriage, 5 things you have to do before you die, the worst day I’ve ever had, etc. I love posts that give me a glimpse into the author’s life, but I can apply to me.  She also writes in a way that I can get to know her: her personality shines through her posts. 
3. Behind my favorite blog is a blogger who interacts. She responds to her comments. She visits her readers blogs. She never leaves a comment that says only “I’m your newest follower, follow me back” (my most sincere apologies to the 20 blogs I did that to last year. I’ve learned better).  She goes to blogging events and gets to know other bloggers on and off the web.
4. That being said, the girl behind this blog also lives her life. She may take nice pictures of the things she made for her blog, but she made cookies because she loves baking. She hiked the Andes this summer with her husband or maybe it was just the hill in their backyard (yes, in theory my favorite blogger is probably married – the whole relating thing). She gets out of the house and does things, makes things, and loves her life.

5. The blog has a clean layout with the focus being on her posts. The background and header don’t detract from her beautiful pictures. The layout is easy for me to navigate with buttons that let me read more about her and provide a way to contact her.

What elements are in your favorite blogs?
What makes you keep reading a blog?
What are your very favorite blogs to read?

P.S. If you were wondering the recipe for those Cookie and Cream Brownies can be found here (you’re welcome in advance). 


  1. I love the look of those brownies…I'm tempted to make some but my slimming world book says "NO!" All the best for the holiday season x

  2. Great post!
    I like blogs with great pictures with short stories attached. It has to be a REALLY great post for me to read a super long blog post. I read so many blogs that I just don't have time to spend 20 minutes reading one blog.

  3. So at the end of this post, my most emphatic thought was, "That sounds like a great blog! What blog is it??" So, if you'd care to share, what is your favorite blog that you follow that has great pictures from a woman who hikes the Andes?

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