5 quick things about life lately

 1. Icecream makes everything better. Especially when it is chocolate chip cookie dough eaten in a fake waffle cup and especially when Ben picked it out for you.

 2. Utah is very pretty – if only school didn’t have me writing over 10 pages of papers per week. I am determined to enjoy at least a little bit of it this weekend.

 3. This boy is wonderful (and has perfect skin – no editing here). Sometimes he is the only thing that can convince me to get out of bed in the morning.

 4. I know I said icecream makes everything better, but really its butter. The secret to make anything taste good? Add butter. I had to melt butter in water for this oatmeal cake I made – I’ll have pictures and a recipe up soon.

5. Two weeks from today I will be at a wedding with my wonderful mother. You know you miss someone a lot when you are willing to sit in a car for 36 hours in a four day period just to spend two days with them. I can’t wait to see you mom.  (I got to see her briefly in March but haven’t been home since December – and given that we’re spending the holidays in California, who knows when I’ll get to go home again – hence 36 hours in a car to meet at least one family member in Texas…)

What have you been up to lately?
What is your ultimate comfort food?
How often do you see your family? 


  1. i just got back from missouri (seeing my new baby cousin!) so i've been lounging and getting back into things… laundry and football this weekend!

    my ultimate comfort food? hmm….. hot apple cider? mushroom tacos? i don't think i have a comfort food, per se… ??

    annnnnd i'm really lucky- i actually am not 100% (or even 70%) happy where we live, geographically, EXCEPT that i see my dad almost everyday after work, i see my momma a few times a month, and we see my hubby's brother and SIL (and their two kids) almost everyday.. so that definitely helps contribute to the almost 70% me being happy here (:

    oh and utah.. oh utah.. that place has my heart. just open up alllllll your windows while you write your papers (:

  2. I'm not an ice cream fan (yeah, I'm crazy, I know!), but that flavour looks like it might be worth a try. šŸ™‚

    I am lucky that I see my family quite frequently, as most of us live in NZ, which is a very small country. šŸ™‚

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