5 inch Heels Fix Everything: Parachute Skirts

sweater: H&M (so old)// skirt: c/o eshakti// heels: gifted// necklace and bracelet: thrifted

Confession, when this skirt first came out of the package Ben called it a parachute. By below the knee they clearly meant halfway down my calf (so note, when you go order a skirt or dress). But, its amazing what a great pair of stilettos can do. I’m loving the bold print, the high waist and the lovely pleats. I’m hoping it stays in style for the next ten years, because I’m wearing it anyways. This is something I’d consider sporting for a day date Valentine’s weekend, if I ever properly learn how to walk in heels this tall (tips anyone??).

On another note, I’m reading this book and came across a quote that, while may still describe some relationships today, doesn’t seem to be the norm. Do you agree? Do you think this is a good thing?

Up to now your first question has naturally been “what is best for me?–how to use your time, money, school, work, whatever. But after your wedding, the biggest question is “what is best for our marriage, our family?” And that is a very hard thing to learn. Hafen, Covenant Hearts (pg 73). 

Is it still important to ask the questions, “What is best for me?” in a marriage? Does this mentality result in seeking happiness by walking away from a marriage instead of fixing it? What is the balance between what’s best for the individual and what’s best for the relationship? I’d love to hear your take on this (married, unmarried, whatever).

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  1. That'll be super perfect if youre ever in nursery or primary and have to sit on the floor all the time. Super cute!!

  2. First I love love love that skirt!!! Second…that's a good question because being single, you get so used doing thigns independently. My biggest problem after marriage is shopping/ budgeting/ money. Before marriage, I would buy what I wanted/ when I wanted…even though I had a boyfriend, it was MY finances. After marriage suddenlt having to share my money for the common good (rent, food etc) was hard….but not shopping for me because WE are saving to buy OUR house is harder…gone are the buy what I want/when I want days…does this make sense? That's what I thought of as far as the "what's best for marriage" quote. Happy Monday!!

  3. I LOVE the skirt! It's nice enought to wear to church but relaxed enough you could wear it any day. LOVE IT! Also, if you get any good walking in heels tips, send them my way 😉

  4. I love the skirt. I had the same problem when I got my eshatki item. It was so short when I did the custom measurements and it was too big. But the dress was beautiful!

  5. Cute heels.

    I think that quote is so true but really the couple getting married need to learn that lesson BEFORE they tie the knot. It's a huge lesson and many married people don't realize that why their married is going downhill. Marriage is about two, not one.

  6. Well, it's nice to have a longer skirt or two to mix in with the rest of your skirts. Variety, ya know. And I would say most definitely after marriage you can't be solely focused on seeking your own happiness!

  7. It looks a bit cold there, but I really like the shoes with that skirt, I always wear flip flops or chuck taylors with my skirts, sometime I need to go girly girly and wear heals….sometime I might do that :0)


  8. You look gorgeous! I think the skirt looks really cute on you, not everyone can pull off a skirt that length! Usually when I'm in anything higher than 4 inches, I'm walking VERY slowly. Mostly, I just stand in one place, haha. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love the outfit! So cute!

    As for those thoughts, i think it is very important to ask yourself "what is best for yourself" when in any kind of a relationship. It is so easy to lose yourself but I feel very important not to. And if your needs are not getting met, talking with your SO about what you need is important. Same goes for them. And try your best to make a compromise if the compromise satisfies both parties. But if you are still unhappy then I think it is okay to reasses the situation. Because honestly, if you are not happy it would be unfair not only to yourself but the person you are with to keep the relationship going. I have seen way too much people stick together for the wrong reasons and are miserable because of their choices.

    Just my long winded opinion.


  10. Loving your outfit!
    Visiting via what I wore wednesday.



  11. Love the skirt! I ordered a "at the knee" dress from eShakti and it was REALLY long too – strange. Otherwise, I love my dress!

    Great question. I've found in my (young, immature, 4 year old) marriage, that I don't ask myself what is best for "me" very often anymore. Sometimes I have remind myself to think of what is good for both of us, but for the most part I think that comes naturally when you love someone. You don't really make plans for only yourself anymore. It can be difficult, but I think it's more fun than anything else! I would rather have a situation where we are both equally happy, than one where I am WAY more happy than my husband.

    Interesting thought!

  12. These stripes are SO great! It makes the outfit so much fun.

    That is a really interesting question you pose. When we got married, wasn't the me suppose to be a we? Yet…I don't want to ever lose my own identity. Marriage is a challenging union…figuring out how to manage two people.


  13. Obsessed with this skirt! I got a dress from eshakti, but it's not nearly as cute as this skirt, I wish I would have ordered this instead! Darn it! Love that you paired it with a pink top, so cute!!!

  14. You look so pretty girl! I love these photos. That skirt is just perfection, I love the length, the shape, and the bold stripes!
    Visiting from WIWW.

  15. I absolutely adore that skirt. It's so bold and such a statement. In love.

  16. Can't remember which link party I came from…but I love the color combo you've got going on! And your waist looks teeny tiny! Adorable. As for walking in heels…practice makes perfect. I wonder if you could hem it like two stripes maybe? It'd be worth toying with. Heels can be tricky.

    In regards to marriage…there's a balance between the two questions. If you focus too much on yourself, your marriage may fall apart, just like you'd mentioned. But, if you don't pay attention to your own happiness in the marriage, either, you'll end up dragging the marriage down due to your own unhappiness. So..balance. =)

  17. love the outfit!! found you via Shanna Said So (:
    <3 alyssa @ burnttoastandsoggycereal.blogspot.com

  18. I think you look great and pull off the length perfectly. I almost picked tat when I worked with eShakti, but I'm short and I bet I would have looked more like a pilgrim…..

  19. I love this skirt. The only problem that I can see is that it's one of those pieces that you have to spread far enough apart because everybody's going to remember it – or wear it to different functions.

  20. SUCH an adorable look! I absolutely love it!


  21. The skirt is super cute. It doesn't seem too long at all.

  22. such a cute skirt!! love it! and i love the length too

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