3 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s that season again – it seems like everyone is getting married! Putting together an amazing wedding gift can be stressful. It is easy to get something straight off their registry of a gift card, but coming up with something that is unique and memorable can be a challenge. My mother and I put together a gift for my best friend’s wedding this weekend and I”ll be using it as an example. Following these simple steps will help you put together a beautiful gift with ease.

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1. Pick a feature item. For our gift we went with a hand-made quilt by my talented mother showcasing lobster and berries to remind the bride of her New England roots as she moves with her new husband to Idaho. The feature item should be something exciting and preferably personal (something you know they’ll love). If you’re at a loss, pick something neat off of their registry or go with a specialty home decor item.

2. Select an awesome box (or basket, bag, or bowl). I fell in love with this crate at Home Goods and had to use it. A good presentation makes the gift and the basket can double as storage or decor in the couple’s new home.

3. Pick a theme and add in filler items. I’ve put together two different gifts using the same feature item and box with very different feels. The first is a fun wedding gift preparatory of a lobster backyard picnic while the second is more reminiscent of a romantic candlelit dinner on the water. Make sure to pick a theme and sick with it. For example, if you’re going plastic, stay plastic. If you’re going fancier, keep the ambiance by adding other classy pieces.

Cute Gift Details:

  • lobster baskets
  • lobster serving tray
  • plastic thin-stemmed glasses perfect for picnic and outdoor dining
  • you could also include some gourmet picnic items or a full picnic set with plates, silverware, and printed napkins
Classy Gift Details
  • Non-alcoholic sparkling grape drink (pick a drink with an appealing bottle) 
  • 2 champaign flutes (you can get nice sets of crystal at Homegoods or TJMax for great deals) 
  • a candle (or candlesticks with holders) 
  • you could also include some fancy chocolates or other sweet treats. 

How beautiful is the little cute my mom made?
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  1. Can I just say, I LOVE that quilt your mom made. Please tell her! It is beautiful! Plus, lobster and blueberries are literally my favorite foods. I also love red, white, and blue things…I want that SO BAD!!!
    Really good gift for a lobster lover!!!

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