Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Hair

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perfect white tee for spring that is anything but basic

perfect white tee for spring that is anything but basic

So the calendar tells me it’s spring and in New England apparently that just means more snow.  BUT the weather app tells me it might be 65 this weekend so maybe spring will really arrive.

Either way, whether you’re pining after warmer days or reveling in them already, it’s the perfect time for a bit of spring cleaning …for your hair!

Am I the only one needing a bit of TLC after a winter of harsh temperatures + dryness?

You, too? Use these spring cleaning tips to get your locks ready for a whole new season (and you can bet I’ll be doing them right along with you).

Spring cleaning for your hair: 9 Steps

Clean out your cabinet

One great way is to clean out your products and freshen up with something great for your hair. Start by throwing a way expired or almost empty bottles and then assess to see where you need to fill in the gaps.

Have you heard of ApotheCARE? I picked up a few of their products at CVS last month and have been loving the fresh scents and natural ingredients.

For example, ApotheCARE Essentials™ The Booster Shampoo, is packed with Rosehip Oil, Geranium, and Aloe Vera (and I’m a sucker for ANYTHING with aloe in it!). It adds volume to fine + flat hair (thank goodness) and touts no parabens, dyes, or silicones. If you’re looking for more natural products for your hair this season, DON’T miss these ones!


Trim Time!

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your locks! Whether you’re going for a bold new cut or still trying to grow out those tresses, a trim will keep your hair healthy and actually help it grow faster!

In theory, you should get your hair trimmed every three months to cut off any dead ends but if you’re like me and can’t remember your last cut, use the new season as the push you need to get back to the salon.

Go minimalist

Or at least a minimalist product user. Heavy hair sprays and thick pomades may have been useful during the winter but for spring embrace a more natural style. Find a great dry shampoo and use it for a bit of extra volume.

Lighten up

Spring and summer are the perfect time to lighten up your locks. Just make sure that if you add any color, you find a good color treated shampoo and conditioner (like ApotheCARE Essentials™ The Colorist Conditioner).

Drink up

Did you know that drinking lots of water is not just good for your skin, it helps nourish your hair, too? I’ve been trying to make sure I drink 72 ounces a day (three of my 24 ounce water bottles) but the recommendation I keep finding is half of your body weight in ounces of water (if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water).

Oil up

You don’t need to head to the salon for this rejuvenating treatment. Find a great hair oil and use it to help repair any damage from the winter.

I have been using and LOVING this coconut milk oil from Apothocare. I use a tiny bit on the bottom half of my hair after styling and it tames flyaways and just makes everything look healthier.

Skip the heat

Just because the temperatures are heating up doesn’t mean your curling iron should. Try to go a few more days between washing + styling with a great new dry shampoo.

This great find from ApotheCARE is an instant refresher. It adds volume and leaves my hair feeling super soft. The Booster Dry Shampoo is filled with Moroccan Argan Oil, distilled vitamin E, and wheat protein (with no dyes or silicones). 

Clean Your Brush

Did you even know you should clean your hair brush? Think of the dead skin + oil buildup and then get to work. Remove all the pieces of hair and then clean with a bit of water and a drop of shampoo.

Clean Your Styling Tools

Can you see a buildup of dirt, hairspray, and oil on your styling tools? Then it’s probably time for a clean. Wipe them down while they’re cool with a clean cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Once they’re dry, you’re safe to plug them in and use them (sparingly) to style your perfect spring look.

Want to give your hair a treat and try some new products for spring?

CVS is having a few different deals on ApotheCARE products this month! Through the 14th you can Buy 1, Get 1 with your CVS card on select ApotheCARE Essentials products.

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  1. I’m so guilty about waiting FOREVER to get my hair cut!

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